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Catholic Bishops Barred From Visiting Kosel

kote1l.jpgFourteen Austrian Catholic bishops visiting Yerushalayim last week were barred from approaching the Kosel after refusing to remove crucifixes they were wearing as part of their formal attire. The Rov of the Kosel, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, explained to the bishops that they were welcome to pray at the Kosel, but had to remove their crosses in order not to offend the sensitivities of Jews there.

The bishops, including the Archbishop of Vienna, opted to remain outside the barrier separating the prayer area from the rest of the Kosel Plaza rather than remove their crosses. The group subsequently canceled a planned meeting with Rabbi Rabinovitch that was to take place in his office. Austrian officials said that the ban on crosses at the Wall was not made known to the Catholic delegation ahead of their arrival for the Austrian Bishops Conference, which was held in Israel for the first time last week.

(Source: Arutz 7)

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  1. ?????
    wouldnt there be a huge outcry if Jews were made to remove their yarlmukas before visiting the vatican (if one would visit the vatican?

  2. Finally!!! i was at the kosel recently by kabollas Shabbos a group from Africa came in singing(Men & Woman) the men pushe their way to the kose crosses and all were prostrating themselves during the teffilos…

  3. Avraham was the pillar of chessed and Hachnosas Orchim, but if you tried entering with dust on your feet…you’d better watch out. Avoda Zara is never welcome here!
    Glad to see we’re treating this makom kadosh with at least the same kavod hashchinah!

  4. When John Paul II visited the Kotel about ten years ago, did he have to remove his crucifix? What about all the other non-Jews at the Kotel? Are they required to remove their crosses or cricifi? Such a policy is all well and good, there is nothing wrong per se in requiring the removal of non-Jewish religious symbols before allowing someone to enter the most important schul in Judaism. But it has to be applied consistently. Additionally, it was very wrong that prior notice of the need to remove the crucifixes was not given.

  5. The Kabba in Mecca is the holiest Moslem location in the world.
    Anybody trying to enter even the tchum shabbos of the city of Mecca wearing a crucifix will not fare any better than the figure on the crucifix.

  6. Is that da’as torah? What about איבה? What if they tell Austrian Jews that they can’t wear Yarmulkas because it offends Catholic sensibilities?

    Who is going to protect European Jews from the ramifications of this harassment? The Kosel Rov? Flatbush Bubby?

    What happened to galus? מרידה באומות? Our grandparents were מה יפית Jews and we should be the same.

  7. i go with #4 just cuz they r bishops means that they need 2 remove there stuff????? all day there r people with crosses???? what happend 2 the world?

  8. I suspect the bishops’ crosses were of the large, industrial size, dangling from their belts, and had the graven image of a certain man on them.

    That’s a lot different than a small, plain crucifix, which most Notzrim wear rather innocuously around their necks, and usually tucked into their shirts or blouses.

  9. This was a mistake on all sides.Of course the Bishops should have the sensitivity not to wear the cross to the Kotel.But someone had to tell them.No one did.Hence they should not have been denied.They are not worse than Madonna.The Rabbi made a grave error.He possibly made 13 new anti semites and add their flock back in Austria thousands more.Unfortunately common sense and Semicha are not always partners.

  10. job well done its about time someone did it right by the kosel instead of ousting shnorers oust the ballei avodah zorah and promoters of toievah GEVALT!!!

  11. Im sure that R.Shmuel Rabinowitz stands there and makes sure that anyone entering isn’t wearing a cross. Pick yours battles Rabbi

  12. It is the official rule there(not that it means anything to me)pertaining to everyone and includes the whole plaza area.Who do you expect to enforce it, the Russian Police?

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