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Two Children Critically Hurt In Ma’ale Adumim Blaze

ifd.jpgTwo children were seriously injured in a fire at their Ma’aleh Adumim apartment on Rechov Ha’agash a short while ago. Hatzolah Israel tells Yeshivaworld that upon arrival of emergency services, they found the entire apartment engulfed in heavy some & fire.

The two children were rescued from the inferno and transported to Shaarei Tzedek & Hadassah Har Hatzolfim Hospital’s in Yerushalayim. A three-year-old child was listed in critical condition, while his 8-year-old brother was listed in serious, but stable condition; both of smoke inhalation.

The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time, but initial reports are that the fire was an electrical fire.

(YWN / Lipas)

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  1. segulah for burns. tried and tested. even top degree burns will heal totally:
    whisper in ear of patient (can also be said over phone) asap after burn; say 3x “yevarechech Hashem veyishmerecha” then say 3x “yair Hashem panav elecha vichunekah” then say 3x “yisah Hashem panav elecha veyasem lecha shalom”.
    refuah shleimah!

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