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Violent Attacks in Israeli Arab Municipality

Violence was reported in the Israeli Arab municipality of Um el-Fahm during the night [between Tuesday and Wednesday].

In one incident, an explosive device was hurled at a café. A second incident involving gunfire directed at a local man was also reported. It appears the violence is part of ongoing feuds between rival factions in the community, located in the area known as The Triangle, along Route 65, Nachal I’ron (Wadi Ara).

Increased rock-throwing attacks against Jewish motorists have been reported over recent weeks in the area, originating in Um el-Fahm and neighboring Israeli Arab communities. Um el-Fahm has a long history of anti-Israeli activities and it is a base for the radical Israel Islamic Association northern branch.

Route 65 is a primary vehicular route, used to access northern areas including Beit Shean and Tiveria.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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