TEHILLIM: Seminary Girl Airlifted After Falling at Nachal Zohar [VIDEO]



A 17-year-old seminary student was injured when she fell about ten meters (yards) in Nachal Zohar in S. Israel, Sunday afternoon. The student was conscious when airlifted by an Israel Air Force 669 helicopter. She was taking part in a group visit to the area by the Beis Chinuch Seminar (high school) from Modi’in Illit

According to a United Hatzalah report on the incident, EMTs Aharon Pump and Yechezkel Cohen were on the scene and provided initial care for the woman. Members of the Ein Gedi Search & Rescue responded, and they worked with the team of the military chopper to extricate her from the area. Her condition was described as light-to-moderate.

According to the Magen David Adom report, its EMTs and paramedics were on the scene as a paramedic ambulance rendezvoused with a 4 X 4 rescue vehicle at Zohar Junction, from where the paramedics were transported to the scene. The paramedics then made their way on foot down to the victim, and they stabilized her for transport. She was extricated from the area with a basket stretcher and then airlifted to the trauma unit of Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva in moderate/stable condition with head and extremity injuries.

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According to a Dead Sea website, Nachal Zohar is relatively short (14km). Unlike the larger valleys in the Judean Desert, Nachal Zohar has a drainage area of only 34km2, so in case of rain its floods are relatively mild. It runs through a moderate slope on the high plateau of the desert, and then drops abruptly to the level of the Dead Sea, creating a wide basin that drains several secondary valleys. At that point it cuts through a thick layer of marlstone, and models it into outstanding shapes.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo & Video Credit: דוברות איחוד הצלה)