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Physician Assaulted by Patient & Moderately Injured

Kaplan Hospital in Rechovot on Thursday will hold a one-day strike, treating only emergency cases and operating on a Shabbos schedule.

The extreme move was prompted by an assault against a physician on Wednesday, the deputy director of the hospitals department of urology, who was stabbed a number of times with a screwdriver by a patient, who officials report has a history of mental disorders.

The doctor was listed in moderate condition with at least one stab wound to the chest and internal abdominal bleeding.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


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  1. why the work stoppage at the hospital? if the attacker was mentally off-balance they should have better security watching over such a patient . if it was a fluk ,how did he get a hold of a screwdriver to attack. obviously there is a security problem at the hospital.if it was malicious ,arrest him and put him in solitare with gaurds untill the hosiptal is thru with that nut-case.

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