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Gafnei: The 1,800 Ilui’im is a Deal Breaker

idffAs members of the Shaked Committee continue to meet as they attempt to finalize the new chareidi draft law, MK (Yahadut Hatorah) Rav Moshe Gafne explains the concept of “ilui’im” is absurd. Gafne refers to MK (Bayit Yehudi) Ayelet Shaked’s concept of granting a deferment from IDF service for 1,800 ilui’im annually. Gafne explains there is no method to determine to whom this is applicable. He adds “If I was in the Justice Ministry I would not permit the inclusion of this paragraph”, insisting one cannot establish the parameters to make such a determination. Gafne adds that the inclusion of the chareidi MKs on the committee should not be taken for granted as they may resign from the forum.

“There is a time when we will get up and walk out and that time will be when we believe there is no longer any value [to our remaining]. We will pick up and leave and the Torah will continue in Am Yisrael, with or without you” Gafne stated.

Gafne added committee members compared limud Torah to general studies, adding “with all due respect to academic studies, Torah study is in another league. It is not engineering or medicine. If Torah was not studied we would not be here, not [MK Yesh Atid] Ofer Shelah and not I. This is a different value.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. They can use the same systeh as was used in Russia. If you have money and protectsia (and some yichus) you are an ilui, and if not, you are expected to leave the Torah world and become something else (Bayit Yehudi hopes they’ll join their movement, Yesh Atid will be recruiting as well). They will pick 1800 to stay frum, and abandon the rest. The anti-zionists will resist regardless, and hopefully their courage will inspire the rest of the yeshiva world to resist, even if it ends up destroying the medinah once and for all (but in all fairness, a “Jewish” state that oppresses Bnei Torah isn’t really “Jewish”, and its existence can not be justified under any theory)

  2. According to Torah – the Tochachah – enemies are sent because of sins. Wouldn’t it make sense that chilonim should be the only ones in the IDF because of sins? Why do charedim have to fight the enemies if it’s the chilonim who brought them in the first place?

  3. Now that that that rich guy is planning on stopping being the sole supporter of Nachal Charedi (as the Israeli government never give a dime for this yeshiva) we can expect many more to join the resistance against Bennett/Lapid.

  4. #1

    Totally agree with Akuperma!!

    This is a fight for our lives, future and Klal Yisroel.!

    We cannot give in and inch!!!

    The only way we win is with achdus among all of us, Achdus is unbreakable!!!!!

  5. Y2r, it isn’t achdus if 85% of the jewish people don’t agree. Chareidim need to compromise and understand the other side in order to reconcile. An all or nothing approach will not bring achdus.

    Akuparma, It’s hard to say the giving of billions of Shekalim to yeshivas the past 40 years is “opressing Bnai Torah”. You are cheapening the word opression. Chareidim are not going to be drafted at the end, but to have an entire culture dependant on the government to survive and then complain that funding is being pulled is opressive sounds ridiculous to the unbiased observer.

  6. jbs36: 85% of the jewish people don’t agree that you should keep shabbos or kashrus either. Perhaps you should compromise. Keep shabbos but eat treif.

  7. #5 – The most frum of the yeshivos never accepted zionist money. The yeshiva world predates the medinah by many centuries, and the leading source of funding has always been foreign contributions. The zionists bribed some of the yeshiovs since they were afraid that if the “Old Yishuv” sided with the Muslims, the United Nations would oppose partition and in a democratic vote, the zionists wouldn’t have stood a chance.

    Israel hasn’t persecuted hareidim, yet (though it has discriminated greatly by excluding them from most of the economy). However conscripting yeshiva students, and blocking transfer of foreign funds, as well as imposing a non-Torah curriculum, and banning gender segregation in private communal activities – do constitute persecution and would force even the “moderate” hareidim to reconsider their collaboration with the zionists.

  8. Ujm, Comments like those don’t make sense. Serving the country in some capacity is not a clear issur, if it can be worked out in the proper way. Not keeping Shabbos and eating treif is a clear issur. Also, the government is not asking the hareidim to break issurim. Therefore, to say we cannot give an inch is not achdus, it brings strife. The chareidim in Eretz Yisorel should discuss a compromise whereby a high standard of frumkeit can be kept and a substantial portion of chareidim due some level of service to the country. Whether, we like it or not, most jews are not frum, so if we really believe in true jewish achdus, we need to work together.

    Akuperma, I still think the term persecution is harsh. If that is the case, the chareidim who want to close chiloni stores on shabbos are persecuting the chilonim. Right now, the Israeli government governs the state of israel, not the chareidim. As in the United States, the chareidim have to live by the rules of the governing country. America also has a forced non torah curriculum so each child has a chance to earn a pernassa. America also does not allow public bus segregation but nobody considers america persecuting chareidim. Until moshiach comes or chareidim have a country of there own, they have to deal with this reality. At best, I would agree that chilonim are making uncomfortable demands of the chareidim, but not persecution.

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