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Hizbullah Preparing to Embarrass Israel, Again

nasrallah12.gifFor Hizbullah, the upcoming Regev-Goldwasser prisoner exchange deal is no small event. The terror organization has named the event Operation Radwan, after Sheikh Radwan.

When Samir Kuntar crosses the border into southern Lebanon at Rosh HaNikra on Wednesday, the first step will be to have him remove his Israel Prison Authority garb, permitting him to put on a Hizbullah warrior uniform. He will then pass under the Triumphal Arch, which was set up by Hizbullah for the occasion, marking the recognition of the arch terrorist and murderer as a national hero.

He will then be flown by helicopter to a waiting crowd in Beirut International Airport, where festivities will begin. He will be accompanied by the four terrorists whom are being released with him in the exchange deal. Hizbullah has prepared tens of thousands of flags which have been placed along the streets of Lebanon, along with giant posters, photos of Nasrallah and Kuntar.

At one point, Kuntar will address the masses from a stadium in southern Beirut. Then, the videoed address from Nasrallah will be aired, with the terror leader declaring the completion of Operation Radwan which entailed the return of Kuntar and the four terrorists, as well as the bodies and remains of 200 terrorists.

Radwan was the code name of Imad Mughniyeh; the organization’s second in command who was killed in a car bomb attack in Damascus in February 2008.

According to reports, Kuntar will at some point meet in a secret location with Nasrallah to permit a photo of the two.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

6 Responses

  1. Its only embarrassing for israel if they get embarrassed. but why should they? they killed hundreds of terrorists and now are trading to get their heroes back. So what if hezbollah Wants to boast? they look like idiots.

  2. this will not Embarrass israel, it shows-stupidity.

    why in the world would they let out this pig out for bodies, i understand that they should come to kever yisroel but at what cost.

  3. Its an embarrassment for Israel because Israel went to war for these two soldiers, and came back without them, and without about 300 additional soldiers who were killed. The terrorists shot thousands of missiles into Israel and had the whole north in shelters for weeks! The Israelis ignored a similiar deal that was proposed then, Kuntar Ym”s for the two soldiers who were pobably still alive and in dire need of medical help. Now two years later were doing what they want + 4 more live ones and 199 dead ones! Of course it is an embarrassment, we just are to ashamed to addmit. Yerachem Hamerachem. We have to daven for Haromas Keren Yisroel and that we should stop being L’laag U’lkeles Bagoyim.

  4. 1. America has Israels’ hands tied behind her back with threats and ultimatums, preventing Israel from fighting with a heavy hand the same way America is fighting with a weak strategy in Iraq. And Israel obeys for fear that will not have backup from their alleged ally.

    2. Kahane was right!

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