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Goldstone’s Daughter Defends Her Dad

goldst.jpgAccording to Nicole Goldstone, whose father headed the United Nation’s Goldstone Committee probing Operation Cast Lead, her father is a genuine Zionist and he loves Israel, stating his position on the committee resulted in a more favorable report than would have emerged otherwise.

Nicole, who lives in Toronto, spoke with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio), explaining she spoke with her father in depth before he accepted his assignment, and she stated while it may be hard for some to believe, his accepting the post to head the commission was the best for all involved, including Israel. She insists he is an honest person and only wishes to uncover the truth.

She explained that if her father would have realized the results of the report in advance, he would not have accepted the position, stating she is aware there are some extremely harsh segments, having read hundreds of pages herself. She told Army Radio that her dad questioned if he is still welcome for Rosh Hashanah after the release of the report, with Nicole explaining she is hosting her parents for the holiday.

She reaffirmed her love and respect for her father, stressing she is not angry with him, and that is remains a loyal Zionist, adding she lived in Israel for six months and the Jewish state remains high on her list of importance, always in her heart.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Pirchei Avos 2:4: Do not make an [ambiguous] statement which is not readily understood [in the belief] that it will be understood; and do not say, “When I have free time I will study,” for perhaps you will never have free time.

    With all due respect, Mr. Goldstone, you are not going to placate the nations by equivocating. Better to invest your time learning the heritage G-d has given your people. This will give you the strength and strategy you need to survive.

  2. His report uses all that absurd lashon of “disproportionate response” and harming “innocent civilians”. PUULEEEZE… give me a break! What should Israel have used? – home-made un-aimable rockets that WOULD have killed more “civilians”??? -instead of the precision weapons that go exactly where you send them?!? AND… there ARE NO INNOCENT CIVILIANS!!! Those “civilians” ELECTED Hamas! That makes them ALL liable for what THEIR leaders do! Oy l’rasha v’oy l’shchayno – or, to paraphrase Rashi, if you don’t want to stink – GET OUT OF THE SEWER!!!

  3. Look, you can’t expect much from the secular Jew. He is constantly seeking to be accepted by the Goy. The more he tries the more the Goy wants nothing to do with him. After trying for a very long time, (usually for a period of a few generations), the Jew gives up. At this point he decides to totally assimilate into the population at large or, alternatively, he decides to accept the Torah and Mitzvohs. This Goldstone fellow is the textbook example of the מה-יפית Jew for which the נביא said “מהרסיך ומחריביך ממך יצאו”

  4. Agree with Chachamhagadol. This is a case of a secular Jew bending over backwards to “look like” the goyim. His “impartiality” becomes his bias. He has caused much pain, harm and anguish to Israel and the Jewish people.

  5. I agree with #8 and #9. Even his name “Goldstone” is assimilated from “Goldstein”. Remember when Secretary of State Mary Madeleine Albright gave herself such a name to hide her Jewish identity. Then she lied that she never knew she was Jewish. Her father survived WWII but this educated woman didn’t know how!

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