A Difficult Shabbos in Lockup for Former Jerusalem Mayor


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Former Jerusalem Mayor R’ Uri Lupoliansky expects to be released to house arrest today, Sunday, as he spent the last days imprisoned for his alleged involvement in the Holyland affairs.

Askanim believe that police intentionally placed the mayor in unsuitable harsh conditions in an event to ‘break him’ as the investigation continues. The former mayor and baal chessed spent shabbos together with a career criminal, a person who is under lock and key as a result of his serious crimes. Eventually, due to complaints from the former mayor, he was moved to another area.

His rebbitzin arrived on Thursday to bring him a package for shabbos, hoping to lift his spirits ahead of the yom kedusha during his difficult period. The food that she brought was not brought to him however. Other family members arrived on erev shabbos, and they too brought food, which appears to have been given to him, Kikar Shabbat reports.

Lupoliansky reportedly had a most difficult shabbos, alongside hardened criminals, and a physician has been monitoring his condition during his incarceration, which began on Wednesday. A special tefilla was held on shabbos at the Kosel on the former mayor’s behalf as well, davening for his success in the Holyland affair.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. No difference between the treatment Rubashkin is getting, the treatment the bochurim in Japan received or the treatment Lupolianski is getting. No difference except that this is the way Yidden are treating a fellow Yid. That is what makes it so especially disgusting. Anyone who is thiking of going to live in Eretz Yisroel, forget it.

  2. May HaShem redeem this wonderful man immediately among other prisoners of Zion Noam Shalit and Jonathan Pollard and the three who were arrested in Japan.

  3. The feeling that Uri is innocent is not only felt by the Frum community but by many secular Israelis as well.

    There is a big question why he was put in jail at all?

    We are all davening and hoping to see that he comes out completely clean

  4. The seforim say that the final stage of galus Edom/Rome will mirror the previous galus Yavan when Yidden were inhabiting Eretz Yisroel, albeit under foreign rule, and where our brothers (fellow Yidden) and not “our cousins” (Eisav) will pose the greatest threat to our survival as a people free to serve HaShem. They will do anything to bring HaShem, His Torah, and His people down.

  5. olmert can only wish he could be in r’ uri’s shoes- there is not a family in all of israel who can say that they never received help from yad sarah, and this will imyirtze hashem be a great melitz yosher for him. the facts are that when the frum are accused of taking money, they are accused of doing chesed with it. where is the medina when people need crutches, a wheelchair , or any of the thousands of pieces of medical equipment that yad sarah provides free of charge?????? is this not the governments duty??

    uri cannot be sent home one day early to celebrate the heilige shabbos , but they will not question or arrest olmert until after he celebrates the heilige yom haatzamos.

    lastly, kol hakavod to all the frum politicians who enter the lions den on a daily basis- the knessest and the tishkoret that surround it-despite the fact that they are scrutinized like flies under a microscope daily.

  6. “Anyone who is thinking of going to live in Eretz Yisroel, forget it.”

    So, Avreime, after 120 years, how will you defend this statement to the Aibishter?

  7. #6, wow! Yom Haatzmaut is holier than Shabbos…so sad.

    #7, while his statement might be a little broad and Eretz Yisrael is, of course, beautiful and holy, he’s simply trying to help people avoid “issues” like this, where a Jew is mistreated to such an extent by his own brothers. Would it not make sense to avoid being under the rule of such people?

  8. His crime was being active in politics, which goes against zionist ideology. The worst “charge” against him is that he was influenced by the fact the developer contributed money to clearly worthwhile charities.

    By contrast, Olmert whose accepts envelopes of cash, and lives well beyond his “official” income, is merely suspect of a crime.

    Perhaps someone should ask if this story is causing people to say Loshon Hora (defamation that is true) about Medinat Yisrael and Zionism?

  9. It is amzing how people forget how for thousands of years Yidden would have loved to have the opportunity to live in E. Yisrael. I do not close my eyes to what is not good here but I also do not close my eyes to what is good and outstanding here.

    There is a quality of life that you won’t find any other place in the world, and I amsure many people know even more thatn me the Maalos of E. Yisroel (which is Neeknais BeYisurrim, no doubt).

    E. Yisroel is the central Makom Torah in all of the world and the many Gedolim who live here, do not tell everyone to pick up and leave, in spite of all the problems, please stop bad-mouthing everything that there is here!!!

  10. Thank you Yerushalmit, Kol HaKavod for standing up for Kedushashs Eretz Yisroel even if it is Difficult (Eretz Yisroel Konie BeYissurim).