‘Holy Dove’ Drives Yeshiva Wild


Jerusalem – “It’s a real wonder,” one of the students at the Kamenitz Yeshiva says about his new classmate – a white dove. “This holy bird just listens to full lessons.”

Several weeks ago, during a Torah lesson in the Jerusalem yeshiva, a white dove entered the house of study, sat on the window sill and flew out at the end of the lesson.

The following days, the bird would arrive at the yeshiva and stand in the corner for the entire lesson – prompting the excited yeshiva students to view it as a sign from God.

They created a “studying circle” around the bird and began reading Talmud verses and begging forgiveness from the soul which they believed “wandered” into the dove. Surprisingly, these actions did not help send the mysterious bird away.

Rumors about the righteous bird became the talk of the day in Jerusalem, and students watching the dove with binoculars discovered that it would visit the rooftop of the nearby Vizhnitz yeshiva as well.

The yeshiva students tried to test the bird once again and sealed all the entrances to the yeshiva, but it “miraculously” managed to get in and attend its regular class on time.

“A few days ago,” Charedi newspaper Bakehila reported, “one of the yeshiva students, who could not bear the great waste of time that could be spent on studying Torah, went over and kindly took (the bird) to his home, where he fed it.”

The yeshiva student even took the dove to a slaughterer, but it turned out that the magnificent bird does not meet the rules of kashrus and the yeshiva is now contemplating what to do with it.

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(Source: Ynet)


  1. So this elderly Jewish woman is talking to her friends in Florida about the gifts her 3 sons gave her for her 80th birthday. Her son the doctor gave her a fur coat for her 80th birthday, and she said, “What do I need with a fur coat in Florida.” And her son the lawyer gave her a new Cadillac, and she said, “What do I need with a car, I don’t drive any more.” And her son the Torah scholar gave her a parrot that could recite the entire Torah. “That was a wonderful gift, it was delicious.”

  2. “one of the yeshiva students…fed it”

    I suspect the bird’s motivations were gastronomic rather intellectual.

    FYI: The LIbrary of Congress recently has a hawk spend a considerable amount of time in its reading room (which also has a high ceiling).

  3. One should see the Ramban at the end of parshas Bo. He says there that we are Required to believe all in a Yid’s life is al pi neis. What is so difficult to beleive that there is something going on beruchnius here? Hashem Yisborach runs everything in the world and no one has a right to minimize that fact. There is no derech hateva by Klal Yisroel. It means something we just don’t know what. It is not a matter to make light f, especially seeing as Klal Yisroel is likened to a dove.

  4. To nfgo3:

    The joke ends as follows:

    Son: “That bird cost $1000! He spoke 5 languages!”
    Mother: “Why didn’t he say anything?”

    I have heard from a reliable source about a cat that regularly attended Reb Moshe ZTZ”L shiur for a short period of time.

  5. If it’s a kosher bird it could be used for Shiluach HaKen which is not done by many but merits a person for long life which might be necessary for those who have not been so nice to their parents. So give the bird a nest to hang out in and wait until it lays eggs and voila you have a cool mitzvah that many people can participate in.

  6. #10 – while we can’t discuss this on YWN, it requires
    two birds (and not just any two, they have to be a bit “different” from each other, if you know what I mean), in order to get an egg