Photo Essay: Wedding Of The Photographer Naftali Lerer Son Of Shuki Lerer (Photos by JDN)



  1. Wow. Lemaaseh, there was an all star lineup of guests. Pretty impressive. From Rebbes to Rosh Yeshivos. From Litvish to Sfardish. From Rabbonim to celebrities. Not bad. Looks like he outdid Rechnitz on this one. Nu nu.
    I’m curious. Which Yeshivos did the Chosson go to?

  2. Much mazel to the choson/kalah. Beautiful photos showing the pure joy and simcha of the choson and baalei simcha. Nice change from some of the albums where the choson sometimes has a very serious look, almost to the point of not seeming to enjoy himself at this great moment in his life from all the pressures of the day. Can’t comment about the kallah since these albums don’t show the kallah for obvious reasons.