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Ottawa Offers New Employment Opportunity

Ottawa Canada – For decades, Ottawa has been a global leader in telecommunications technology. Today, Canada’s capital is one of the hottest and most diverse tech hubs in North America boasting a large concentration of companies including Apple, Amazon, Cisco, just to name a few. Due to its educated workforce, low overall unemployment rate, high quality of life coupled with a low cost of living, Ottawa has been consistently ranked as the number the 1 place to live in Canada. Companies have been setting roots in the city making Ottawa the most city in Canada and among North America’s research and development leaders. Recently the City of Ottawa launched an initiative to help fill hundreds of well-paying High-Tech positions as the number of job vacancies is just expected to increase over the coming years the city expects to expand its campaign.

With this in mind, a committee from the local Jewish community has launched a campaign tailored to orthodox families, enabling access to the local employment initiative. The committee is providing resources and assistance to families looking for High Tech employment. Additionally, the committee has as well set up a strategic partnership with the local Algonquin college, to assist with admission for individuals with a yeshiva education looking to study Information Technology and Computer Programming in preparation for work in Ottawa. Algonquin college offers a very lucrative two-year computer programming course which prepares applicants to enter the High-Tech sector. The program is very popular and is well sought after due to its high post-graduate employment rate. In addition to the coursework, students have multiple opportunities for co-op work with local companies, giving them practical work experience and connections within the industry. Algonquin College is set up to accept foreign exchange students and is able to provide the resources needed for individuals who may need some assistance with their English language proficiency. 

Ottawa is home to over 15,000 Jews, with a feeling of a mid-size community with over 200 Orthodox families from diverse religious backgrounds. Complete with a thriving Torah day school, an emerging separate yeshiva high schools for boys and girls, a mikvah, eight Orthodox minyanim on Shabbos morning, a wide variety of learning opportunities and shiurim, a large Kosher section in a major grocery store (including extensive meat and dairy sections), two locations of a Kosher bakery, and two kosher cafes on the Jewish community campus. Ottawa is a two-hour drive to Montreal, a four-hour drive to Toronto, and an eight-hour drive to New York. 

The program is open to both men and women and a committee has been struck to assist with items such as applications (for local jobs, the college programme, jobs for a spouse, etc.), scholarships, job placement post-graduation, assistance with applying for scholarships for children, housing assistance in local Jewish areas, immigration for American applicants, etc.

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