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Say Goodbye to Those Treif Spoons; Learn How to Do Hag’ala With Ben Yomo Episode #4

Ki Heim Chayeinu is back this week with Episode #4 in the Ben Yomo series.

Hag’alas keilim is the topic of this week’s demo and discussion- with step by step instructions and explanation on every part of the process.

Kids in the kitchen ‘treifed up’ all your pareve spoons?

Someone dropped cheese in a meaty pot?

You want to use your chometzdik becher on seder night?

By learning the practical do’s and don’ts of hag’ala with Ben Yomo, you’ll find solutions to all of these kinds of kitchen kashrus queries. 

In this episode, Rabbi Holland is joined by Rabbi Sholom Tendler in demonstrating the proper way to do hagalah to cutlery, silver, and pots. Just watch out- it’s hot! 

Don’t worry, Rabbi Tendler does some troubleshooting too- what if the utensil doesn’t fit in the pot?

What about kashering a large pot that won’t fit inside another pot?

You’ll discover answers to your practical questions in this video, as well as a better understanding of how to apply the relevant halachic terms in today’s kitchen, with elucidation by R’ Moshe Heineman shlita.

Watch Ben Yomo’s Episode #4; share it with your family; absorb Torah into your day.

That’s what Ki Heim Chayeinu is all about- helping Lomdei haDaf and many other Yidden, worldwide, to keep up their commitment to Kevias Ittim and to bring that learning alive.

So go ahead and enjoy the latest episode

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