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Rise! into your Highest Feminine Potential as a woman with Rebbitzen Tamar Taback. Free Course when you enroll before FEB 3

Jewish women around the world face never-before challenges, with many wondering how to navigate the complexities of modern life through our time-less Torah values. As the world changes rapidly and unpredictably, the women’s role is more important than ever – and needs a broader understanding than ever before.

These are the questions that the renowned teacher Rebbetzin Tamar Taback answers in The Nexus School of Transformational Torah For Women.

With haskamos from the frum world’s foremost educators including Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, and Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller, R’ Paysach Krohn and more, Rebetzin Taback helps women access the hidden secrets of Torah and guides them in how to apply them to their identity today.  By following the lives of the Imahos, the school offers a roadmap to spiritual growth, personal transformation and powerful Torah learning.

Whether women are looking to deepen their Torah learning, or find answers to their pressing challenges, the Nexus School is there to uplift, empower and educate the Jewish women today.


For those looking to apply the knowledge, the school also provides live coaching and practical exercises to help women integrate the teachings, and live with purpose, clarity and connection.

To date, the school has a global community of 4000+ Jewish women of all ages, stages and backgrounds. The school is currently open for FREE registrations – but only until 3 February 2021. Don’t miss this once-a-year-opportunity to learn the deepest truths and transform your inner and outer reality alongside a community of deep seeking women around the world.

“Simultaneously profound and empowering in very practical ways.” R’ Avraham Edelstein, Neve Yerushalyim Seminary for women

“Rebbetzin Taback’s programs reveal the feminine side of the spiritual in its genuine glory.”  R’ Akiva Tatz, JLE London

“May your Torah wellsprings spread forth and reach many, many women” R’ Yitzchak Ginsburg, shlita, Gal Enai

“When they say that courses are life-changing, I never understood what that meant – until now.” Chana, Jerusalem

“The biggest shift in healing I’ve had”.  Jody, CA

“This course was like hearing my name when I had forgotten who I was.”  Goldie, UK


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