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Join Tens Of Thousands Who Have Succeeded In Solving Their Reading Problem And Started Reading Hebrew Fluently!!!

If your son,daughter or talmid\a have difficulties with their Hebrew reading

…who therefore suffers from gaps in his learning and consequently does not enjoy learning, is unmotivated and is frustrated because he gets no satisfaction from learning…

…and you are concerned that his low level of spiritual satisfaction may eventually lead him to the streets and to what awaits him there…

Or who is very talented but confused about his abilities, lacks self-confidence, feels depressed about himself and has given up on ever being able to understand the Gemara…

Struggles especially in reading without nekudos, and consequently reads slowly and sometimes doesn’t daven properly…

…struggles with difficulties in Gemara learning in general, has a hard time understanding the Gemara text inside or preparing a page of Gemara on his own…

you worry about the future

you wonder where to turn in order to help your child become a better reader and learner

you’ve tried several remedial approaches  but none have  helped

The Method That Helped Tens of Thousands to Read Hebrew Easily and To Have Success in Learning can help your son or daughter too!!!

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The first 10 to sign up will receive an online evaluation worth 500$-FREE!!!


The assessment is conducted by Rav Zvi Zobin, Israel’s no.1 expert in Hebrew reading difficulties, founder of the ‘’Zobin Method’’ and ‘’Misgeret Reading Institute’’ . Rav Zobin has thousands of success stories from over 30 years’ experience assessing and helping boys and girls of all ages. 


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Come learn how…


As your son or daughter’s reading becomes more automatic and natural, it will also become more enjoyable. 


 Your son can gain confidence in his abilities and be more hopeful and motivated about his future success learning Gemara.


He will no longer feels frustrated and depressed about his lack of success,as he understands the material, and learning is a source of enjoyment for him.


He will be able to understand and remember new words and phrases in Hebrew, and this helps him acquire tools to become a successful, independent learner.


He can begin to enjoy learning and success, is motivated to learn and blossoms as he gains satisfaction from his learning. 


He can derive pleasure and satisfaction from learning, feel a sense of belonging in the learning environment and does not have to look for enjoyment elsewhere.


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A few words from satisfied parents:

 ”Misgeret” how did you do it? I paid out $40,000 during the past three years in attempts to improve my son’s reading skills, with no success. And in only six sessions with you he’s already correcting my reading. Yisrael C. ,N.Y.

As the father of a child with reading difficulties, it was very difficult for me to see the pain and suffering my son was experiencing, and every day that passed was more difficult than the one before. The class was already learning Gemara and my son was still having trouble reading, until we got to Machon Misgeret. 


Baruch Hashem, from the very beginning we saw improvement, and by the end of the process it was impossible to believe that our son had had a reading problem. Now his reading flows naturally even without vowels and in Gemara he’s at the level of other boys his age. 

Y.M. Cohen, Yerushalaim

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend HaRav Zobin’s Method, which has helped many students who would otherwise have wasted their potential. – HaRav Matisyahu Solomon, Mashgiach, Beis Medrash Gavoha, Lakewood 




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