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Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky featured this week in 10 Steps To The New You


Partners in Torah with Rabbi Pinchas Landis is a weekly digital series that originated as an in-person learning initiative bringing Cleveland Jews of all backgrounds together to learn as part of a chavrusa partnership in a beis medrash setting. When the Covid-19 pandemic forced the closing of such community programs, its parent organization (Partners in Torah of Cleveland) was quick to adjust accordingly. Since March of 2020, Partners in Torah with Rabbi Landis has produced numerous digital learning series exploring current, historical, and personal growth topics. Hosted by popular educator and motivational speaker Rabbi Pinchas Landis, the program has gained a national following, thanks to content hosting powerhouse Torah Anytime.

Over the next several weeks, Partners in Torah with Rabbi Landis will live stream their latest digital production, 10 Steps to the New You, a promising new weekly series which will focus on ten fundamental ways to improve one’s connection to Torah and Hashem. The ten steps are based on a curriculum originally created by England’s Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, z”l, entitled 10 Paths to G-d. In each episode, Rabbi Landis will conduct a dynamic, engaging, and in-depth interview with a different highly acclaimed guest speaker. The program is guaranteed to inspire and uplift viewers as the featured guests share their passion, knowledge, and personal connection with the topic of the week. 

The first episode, Step 1: Jewish Identity with R’ Benzion Klatzko aired on January 26, the second episode, Step 2: Prayer with R’ Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg aired on February 2, and the third episode Step 3: Study with R’ Eitiel Goldwicht aired on February 9.

You can watch past episodes here.

If you missed watching the first three episodes live, don’t worry, you can catch the next episode, Step 4: Mitzvos with R’ Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky on Tuesday, February 16 at 8 PM at


Step 4: Mitzvos

February 16

Rabbi Landis interviews the always entertaining Rabbi David Orlofsky in an episode that is sure to be epic! This Jerusalem-based guest shares his thoughts on Mitzvos as a blueprint for a relationship between us and Hashem, with a sense of humor that is the hallmark of his speaking. Rabbi Orlofsky is a popular speaker, writer, and video podcast host with three decades of experience in Jewish education and outreach. Register here

Step 5: Tzedakah

February 23

This episode demonstrates how the act of giving transforms us into better people and better Jews. Rabbi Menachem Nissel, a world-renowned speaker and author, discusses this important topic with irrepressible British wit and charm. Rabbi Nissel is the Senior Educator for NCSY International, and he regularly lectures to students attending Israel based seminaries and yeshivas. Register here

Step 6: Chessed

March 2

The dramatic impact of random acts of kindness between Jews has never been more apparent than this year. Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn, prolific author, speaker, and mohel, illustrates this idea in a compelling, not to be missed episode. As a highly acclaimed motivational speaker, Rabbi Krohn possesses powerful oratory skills that effectively drive home timeless Torah lessons and ideals. Register here

Step 7: Faith

March 9

In this episode, Rabbi Landis interviews his hometown Rabbi and mentor, Rabbi Binyomin Friedman. The idea of faith is often considered an overused platitude, one that isn’t always easily expressed. Rabbi Friedman, a charismatic and sincere speaker from Dunwoody, GA, explains how faith has been the cornerstone of Judaism for thousands of years, and suggests it may even be the secret to the Jewish people’s miraculous longevity. Register here

Step 8: Israel

March 16

A connection to the land of Israel is a key component of being a Jew. Rabbi Mordechai Becher discusses why that is, as he takes us on a fascinating journey through our biblical heritage, the contemporary State of Israel, and what this legendary land means to the future of Jews everywhere. Rabbi Becher served in the Israeli Defense Forces and he is currently a senior lecturer for the Gateways Organization and at Yeshiva University. Register here

Step 9: Kiddush Hashem

March 23

This meaningful episode will explore why Jews are held to a high standard by the rest of the world. Rabbi Ephraim E. Shapiro of North Miami Beach, FL discusses the obligation Jews have to be “a light unto the nations”. Rabbi Shapiro brings a level of enthusiasm that resonates deeply with audiences everywhere. By the end of the evening, the importance of Kiddush Hashem is sure to become an unforgettable life lesson. Register here

Step 10: Responsibility

March 23

With great privilege comes great responsibility. Caring for others and taking action to make the world a better place is the essence of Judaism, and what we should strive for daily.. In this episode, Rabbi Steven Burg illustrates how ordinary people doing extraordinary things is the way each of us can contribute towards making this idea a reality. Rabbi Burg was the international director of NCSY before becoming the Eastern director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Currently, he is the Director of Aish HaTorah International. Register here

10 Steps To The New You is a free program brought to you by the David & Hedy Adler Jewish Heritage Series and Partners in Torah of Cleveland, in collaboration with Torah Anytime and Chazaq. 

You can watch the episodes live (Tuesdays at 8 PM) at

To register for future episodes or watch past episodes go to

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