Who can stand idly by while missionaries pursue Jewish children?

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My dear fellow Jews,

This is the very painful, heart-rending story of Miriam, fighting in New Zealand to keep her Jewish children from a father scheming to have them baptized and placed in a Christian parochial school.

Attorney Mordechai Tzivin, who specializes in complicated international cases, handles this case with volunteerism and dedication, along with the great Dayan Rabbi Chayim Yosef Dovid Weiss (HaChid”o), and emphasizes that this story may remind some of the young child Yossele Schumacher, but the present case is much more serious and dangerous. Yossele’s story centered on his education, religious or secular, but either way Jewish. Now, my dear friends, the issue is forced conversion! 

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Miriam Chafetz Karo was born into an extremely poor and desolate family. With no childhood to speak of, she was always looking for happiness.

Somehow winding up in New Zealand, Miriam met Manu Douglas, a charismatic, lying, deceitful man who captured Miriam with his stories about his supposedly brave, Jewish ancestors who fled the Spanish inquisition and settled in New Zealand. Manu promised Miriam that if she married him, they would move to Israel and there he would care for her like a princess in the house of her dreams. Poor Miriam! She believed what she so longed to hear!

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Almost immediately after their marriage, Manu exposed himself as the true demon he was. At Manu’s hands, Miriam suffered physical and verbal abuse. He severed Miriam from her family and threatened to kill her if she tried to contact them. Manu sent Miriam to work cleaning homes and confiscated all of her hard-earned money. While Miriam was expecting their first child, Manu turned to alcohol and drugs, becoming even more violent and making Miriam’s sorrowful life even more wretched. Aviram, Miriam’s first son, was born into this hostile reality.

And then, the worst shock of all! Manu brazenly bragged to Miriam that he had lied – there were no Jewish ancestors. 

Manu, a Jew-hating goy, refused Miriam’s pleas to circumcise her son. More years of violence and suffering, and Miriam gave birth to a baby girl, Shira. Miriam did her best to shelter her children from their brutal, alcoholic father, and then, one day, in a fit of sadism, Manu came home with a bag of food and demanded of Miriam that she prepare . . .bacon and shrimp!  Bitter and brutal would be the end of whoever refused to eat.

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It took a few more years for Miriam’s neighbors to build up courage and call the local Ministry of Welfare to report their violent neighbor and the shouting and screams that emanated from the house daily. Manu was arrested and Miriam immediately fled to Israel where her first act was to arrange a brit milah for her son.

But the terrible story continues. Manu swore to take revenge and contacted a missionary organization that procured an international warrant for Miriam’s arrest and deportation back to New Zealand together with her children. Miriam’s lack of funds were no match for the top-notch international lawyers funded by the missionary organization and the Israeli court to which she applied ruled in favor of Manu.

Desperate for help, Miriam turned to Yad L’Achim, where the overall consensus was that Miriam’s best chance was to return to New Zealand and take her case to court rather than risk immediate arrest for failing to adhere to the Israeli and international court rulings.

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Miriam now faces court battles in both New Zealand and Israel on charges of kidnapping her own children and bringing them to Israel to be raised as Jews, far from their violent, dangerous, alcoholic father!

From behind bars, callous and cruel Manu is working with the missionary organization as it pours unlimited funds into the battle to have Miriam convicted and the children placed in a Christian dormitory, to be baptized and brought up as goyim, G-d forbid. 

Without proper representation, Miriam could go to jail and see her children fall into the outstretched paws of the missionaries! 

This is a battle for the souls of Jewish children! 

We must help Miriam hire the best lawyers.

Only we can save the children! 

Whoever saves one Jewish life saves an entire world!

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