This Boy’s Learning Improved Overnight – Here’s How

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“It just doesn’t make any sense!”

Rabbi Cohen* could feel his blood pressure rise. Yakov’s latest Chumash test faced him accusingly, crumpled and covered in red marks. Yakov, of course, was nowhere to be found, having escaped to his room the second he heard his father walk through the front door.

It was just another horrifying mark from a boy who was bright, quick – and until this year – brought home only Alephs.

What was going on? Rabbi Cohen was shocked and at a complete loss. Was his kid skipping homework? Being bullied? “Going through a phase”? Lucky for Rabbi Cohen, he expressed his frustration to his friend in Shul the next morning. And that friend suggested he stop by The Optical Lab.

The rest, as they say, is history.

We met Yakov that very afternoon. Our on-call ophthalmologist caught the problem immediately. 1 pair of stylish, corrective lenses later, and Yakov was back to acing tests.

This story is true, and it’s just one of many we hear daily.

It’s why Rabbi Cohen’s friend recommended The Optical Lab. Because, first and foremost, we’re a LAB. We know our stuff.

We’re not staffed by salesman and technicians trying to push pricey frames.We’re staffed entirely by licensed eye care professionals. Everyone you meet, from the person answering the phones, to the guy behind the counter is – at minimum – a NY State Licensed Optician.

Not only that, but we have our very own Ophthalmologist, the renowned Dr.Izaak Medan, seeing patients in our office.

Dr. Medan is NOT an optometrist – that’s what other, more generic glasses store have.

Nu, what’s the difference? Well, our ophthalmologist not only writes prescriptions, he catches and cures larger issues. In fact, just this past month, Dr. Medan has already caught cataracts in two of our patients’ eyes. These men had no idea why their visions were getting blurry. They innocently assumed it was time for new prescriptions, and so they booked quick check-ups.

Chasdei Hashem! Dr. Medan caught the underlying problem immediately. Not only that, he scheduled them for easy, simple cataract surgery – right there on the spot. He then performed the painless procedure right here in our Boro Park office.  Within a few days, these patients were seeing better than new!

Dr. Medan is no newbie. He’s conducted over 15,000 eye procedures in his lifetime – over 20 this week alone. From quick checkups to comprehensive care, you can take advantage of his expertise – call us in the morning, and you’ll see him that very afternoon. No wait times, no hassles, no stress.

We accept all insurances, and Dr. Medan sees patients of all ages, from 3 to 103. We’ve brought him on board because, at The Optical Lab, we care.

It’s why we keep our equipment state-of-the-art – so that you benefit from the latest and greatest lens innovations and technology. It’s also why we’ve recently upgraded our facilities, providing FREE digital and high tech coatings to all our customers.

That’s right, you read the above correctly – every time you buy a pair of glasses, we upgrade your lenses with a Superhydrophobic coating 100% FREE.

These lenses are the latest breakthrough in lens technology, helping you see better, clearer and farther. It’s very easy fix symptoms, but noticing and curing an underlying issue takes immense skill and years of experience. At the Optical Lab, we have both.

It’s how we were able to spot Yakov Cohen’s issue immediately, and it’s how we’re able to serve you with the highest level of care.

So the next time you or one of your children needs a checkup, or a new pair of lenses, come check out what all the fuss is about. We’ll be happy to ‘see’ you!

Come visit the Optical Lab located at 4620 16th Avenue or call us to make an appointment 718 954 4330