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The Glue That Held Them Together Is Broken

A mother is crying! She is crying out to her brothers and sisters, begging for help, as her oldest daughter became sick and is no longer able to help the family. Instead, she is costing the family a fortune in medical expenses!

This family moved to Israel from Eastern Europe. Without any support they have managed to get by in a new country. But only until a terrible thing happened – their oldest daughter was struck with a terrible illness, causing her untold suffering and ripping the family apart.


The hospital is still trying to stabilize her condition, and the medical bills are blowing up faster than anyone can count – these fees are not covered by any insurance, and the fees alone are decimating the family. This is not taking into account the family’s inability to function without the help of their oldest daughter.

Historically, this family made do and got by without asking for help. They live frugally and do what they can to make do with what they have. Now they are left with no money for food, no money for clothing, no money for bills, and mounting medical bills. They need your help. This mother is crying and you have the opportunity to dry her tears, to ease her suffering, to bring them back from the edge of despair as their financial world collapses around them.

As you dry this mother’s tears with your generous donation, may Hashem bless you with good health, with simchos, with good news and with nachas from those around you.


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