After 2,000 Years, Am Yisroel Has Returned to Live Next to Kever Rachel In Beit Lechem!

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“ושבו בנים לגבולם!”

Jews have finally returned to one of the holiest places, the burial place of Mamma Rachel, the land where the story of Megillat Ruth happened. The home to Dovid Hamelech, in which he wrote Sefer Tehillim. The land of Beit Lechem!


Baruch Hashem, we are living in a generation who can really see the miracles of Hashem on a daily basis. Here we are, living smack in the middle of Beit Lechem, Me, My wife Yardenna, and my two kids Neriya and Avital. We are living right next to Kever Rachel (30 feet away!!). Who could of imagined that Jews would finally return to live in Beit Lechem after 2,000 years?!

Currently living with us here in the Kever Rachel Compound, in the middle of Beit Lechem, is a Yeshiva with about 40 students and Avrechim, along with a community of another 11 families, who have a total of 25 children.

The Yeshiva, “Yeshivat Bnei Rachel” has about 40 students and about 15 Avrechim. The Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Eliyahu Meir Elkaslassi, has taken upon himself the task of fulfilling the wish of the G’dolei Hador of the past, in establishing a Yeshiva and a Jewish Community here, next to Kever Rachel, in Beit Lechem. The Yeshiva has a special passion to connect the Torah Learning to the day-to-day lifestyle. Due to that, the Community has a very close connection to the Yeshiva. Just as Rachel Imeinu was able to make a strong connection between making a true Kiddush Hashem in this materialistic world, as did Dovid Hamelech, when he wrote “Tehillim” while living here in Beit Lechem as a Shepherd.


In order to really understand the importance of Jews returning to Beit Lechem and to understand the greatness of the hand of Hashem which guided us through the whole process, and which is continuing to guide us daily, you would need to at least to get a taste by watching this video done by the Yeshiva.


In honor of Mamma Rachel’s Yahrzeit, Help Us Fulfill Mamma Rachel’s Cries, and together we will wipe her tears!

Before It’s too late, Here’s your chance to be part of History!

With Torah and Tefillah for all of Am Yisroel!

For More Info, Donations, And To Submit Names to Daven for at Kever Rachel, on the Day of Mamma Rachel’s Yahrzeit:

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We are your Shlichim to Learn and Daven for your Loved Ones!

To Submit Names to Daven for at Kever Rachel, by the Children living next to Rachel Imeinu on the Day of Mamma Rachel’s Yahrzeit:

This Coming Sunday, the 11th of Cheshvan, at 4:00 PM IST, the Main Celebration in honor of our Rachel Imeinu will take place!!

With the participation of the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Harav Dovid Lau, Rabbis and Public Figures accompanied by the band ‘Longed for’.

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