Help poor families celebrate Chanukah in dignity

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Dear esteemed member of Klal Yisroel,

Are you ready?

In a few days, we’ll all light Menorah.

Why at the window?

We shine our light outwards, so others can see, and benefit.

But the strangest thing happens.

Light your menorah at the window and the window becomes a mirror:

Reflecting all that light BACK into your home!

We turn to you on behalf of hundreds of families in RBS. We are personally involved with each and every family, helping them to overcome their poverty and live normally. DONATE NOW.

This Chanukah:

Not everyone is cozy and warm in their home.

Not everyone has a father to light the Menorah.

Not everyone has money for candles, donuts, or small Chanukah gifts for their children.

Hundreds of families, including widows and single parents, cannot afford the basic necessities. 

The Kupa embraces them with all-encompassing support, helping them survive and thrive, despite their hardships.

With a budget of 5 million shekels a year, we need YOUR help to continue supporting our families! DONATE NOW!

Your donation will help us give:

Medical Assistance


Grocery Credit

Tuition Aid

Emergency Assistance

Emotional Support And Therapy

Monthly Food Baskets

Single Parent Support

Food Vouchers

Tutoring and Mentoring

Will you join us to bring them extra light this Chanukah?

Your donation will bring warmth, joy and smiles to your brothers and sisters.

May the light that you shine with your tzedakah be reflected tenfold back into your own home.