Shocking: Kichel Family Spills Secrets in Memoir, Discovers They Are Exactly Like Everyone Else

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Shortly after publishing what they’d assumed would be a groundbreaking memoir, a stunned family has discovered that they are exactly like every single other family out there.

“I thought this would be revolutionary,” laments a bewildered Yechiel Kichel. “But everyone keeps coming up to us and telling us things like, ‘This is so relatable! We keep putting our pareve knife in the fleishig sink too!’ or ‘What, you also always come after closing time on your chol hamoed trips? I thought it was just us!’”

“I know!” Chaviva says. “People keep telling me, ‘We are the Kichels!’ Um, hello? Aren’t we the Kichels?”

“At least I’m not the only one struggling with shidduchim,” Rochi chimes in. “Apparently there’s some sort of crisis out there? Who knew?”

“I still think readers will enjoy tagging along with us as we juggle carpool and chol hamoed trips, tackle school applications and shidduchim, and mix social commentary with cholent jokes in our new book from Feldheim,” Nechama says hopefully.

“Yeah!” Baruch adds. “They love reading about us in Mishpacha, so I’m sure they’ll enjoy reading over 90 pages of comics, including some that were never published before, plus a behind the scenes peek at how our strip is made. And don’t forget an exclusive interview with us, and that step-by-step guide for how to draw Tatty and Mommy.”

 “We really are the perfect present for just about anybody,” Nachi agrees. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to head off to the coffee room…I have some vital insights to share about Biden.”



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