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Please daven for Yosef Chaim ben Golda

A bochur fell extremely sick. Yosef Chaim ben Golda got the dreaded disease, taken away from his yeshiva and pushed into sudden hospitalization. With siyata dshamaya, an experimental medication is a good match with the bochurs blood type, and can bring tremendous relief to his constant pain and suffering. 

Yosef Chaim comes from a family of 13, and are unable to finance the medication, which is currently the only option. The cost of treatment is 18,000 a month, and Baruch Hashem there is an organization that has offered to pay 9,000 a month on the condition it is matched for a year, at 108,000 shekel. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Please donate what you can to this suffering bochur, who needs your help more than ever, and who’s family is in tremendous need of support to bring him back to proper health, to be able to attend yeshiva again, and IYH simchas. May you merit health and happiness this Adar, together with your loved ones and Nachas from your children.


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