Responding To Over 50% Month Over Month Growth, Commercial Real Estate Platform Gparency Adds 6 Executives To Their C-Suite And Senior Team

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Zoom, USA – (April 1, 2022) – GPARENCY, a national commercial real estate marketplace, which offers data-driven content, membership-resources and commission-free loan services, today announced six new C-suite and senior executive hires. The investment in these roles was in response to GPARENCY’s unprecedented doubling of their month-over-month revenue every month since its November launch.

The growth is attributed to a swell of adoption rates by commercial real estate investors and general partners, who migrated to the platform, which allows for a set low-price to close a deal, versus the legacy-model, where mortgage brokers earn the same large percentage to close a $1M deal, as they would for a $100M transaction for the same amount of work, banking relations and papering. Also contributing to GPARENCY’s success is the rising interest rate environment, as commercial real estate investors sought to capture as much information and upside  on their deals as possible.

The C-level hiring build-out includes the following appointments:

●     Abrar Qureshi, Chief Technology Officer

●     Joel Kahn, Chief Operating Officer

●     Christina Leitner, Chief Revenue Officer

●     Brian Bork, Chief Marketing Officer

“I am honored and delighted to welcome Abrar, Joel, Christina, and Brian to GPARENCY. Building out the C-suite with these talented luminaries, was specific to the areas we are investing deeply in, revenue, technology and operations. This is in direct response to the meteoric growth we’ve seen since our impetus, as well as the scale-up we are implementing to meet the migratory demand of commercial real estate investors and general partners, wanting a more efficient, transparent and ultimately profitable deal-flow experience,” said Ira Zlotowitz, CEO and founder of GPARENCY.

Senior executive hires include:

▪         Chetan Malik, Senior Scrum Master

▪         Josh Rosalimsky, VP of Concierge  

“We are also building out our senior executive bench, and are excited to announce Chetan and Josh, joining the GPARENCY team and its movement within the commercial real estate sector,” added Mr. Zlotowitz. “These six executives were chosen from a highly competitive search, not only because they are best-in-class, but also because of their collective experience in nascent business models. GPARENCY is shifting the commercial real estate experience, in the same way Uber disrupted cabs, Amazon disrupted shopping and delivery, and Netflix disrupted content consumption.

This team is poised for the growth ahead and also prepared to build out GPARENCY laterally, as we continue to build our fertile ecosystem of content, proprietary data, banking partnerships and much more for our valued investors, general partners and banking alliances.”




GPARENCY is creating equitable access to opportunities for commercial real estate owners everywhere. GPARENCY gives its members a concierge who acts as their acquisition rep providing GPs with updated and confirmed listings and capital markets intel. This enables GPs to go direct with an unlimited number of commercial mortgages—debt and equity—without paying anyone another nickel.

At GPARENCY you will pay a max of $16,000 to close any size commercial mortgage and that includes the membership for one year. Membership includes all the benefits of our concierge program including access to listings and banking intel nationwide through the initial dedicated concierges in the program.

For more information, contact [email protected].