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The tumor in her brain is endangering her life, and she requires urgent, life-saving treatment abroad to save her.

I wish I’d never told mommy that my head hurts.

Because now, it hurts so much more.

Instead of going every day to kindergarten and playing with my friends, I go every day to the hospital where it hurts so much.

I’m weak and tired, and I’m always throwing up. Sometimes, I’m too tired to hold my dolly.

My pretty hair, which Mommy braided every morning, is gone.
Now I wear a sheitel, like a Mommy. But I don’t like it. It’s itchy and uncomfortable.

And everyone stares.

Once, I used to like looking the mirror and playing with my dolly, but now I hate it. I’m fat, my skin is gray and I look ugly.

The treatments and medicines and shots did this to me.

Mommy and Tatty tell me that soon, soon, it’ll be over.

But how soon is soon? And it hurts so much!

Why is this happening to me???

I’m a good girl. I always help at home, and I listen to my teacher.

Why do I deserve this?

Please click here to help A little girl

Please click here to help A little girl

Mommy tells me to daven to Hashem, because He loves me and is the only one Who can help.

Every day, I go to a corner and I start to cry. I tell Hashem that if He makes me better, I’ll be good always. I won’t fight, and I’ll share all my toys.

I ask Him to please, please just make me get better!

I flew off to America with my Tatty and Mommy, and baruch Hashem, the surgery was successful, because the doctors said that it was my only chance to live.

Hopefully, I’ll start feeling better soon.

But I still see Mommy looking so, so worried.

Last night, when she thought I was asleep, I heard her tell Tatty that they still haven’t paid the doctor for the surgery. She also said that even though I’ve had the surgery, I still need a whole bunch of treatments when we get back to Eretz Yisrael, and that they don’t have the money to pay for them.

She also talked about how much debt there is at home, and how hard it is for all the kids now that we’re so far away, and if they’ll ever manage to get back on their feet.

Then she started to cry…

It’s awful when a Mommy cries. I wanted to cry too, but I didn’t want her to know that I’d heard everything, so I pretended to be asleep…And then I really did fall asleep.

I want to get better. I’ve learned to close my eyes and I let them prick me whenever they want.

But who knows if there will be any more treatments, because my parents can’t afford anything else.

I’ve come so far, and everyone is hoping that we’re almost at the end.

Help us get there!

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I know that you want me to live!

If you do, please help my parents!

My parents need your help, and it’s a mitzvah to help them. They need tzedakah so they can pay the doctors and for everything else.

I have 16 brothers and sisters waiting for me at home in Eretz Yisrael.

I miss them, and they miss me. I just want to go home already.

Only because of your help and your tefillos, was I able to have this surgery.

Only because of your tefillos did the surgery succeed.

Now I need your help and tefillos to continue treatment.

And please continue davening for me!

  ברכה צעריל בת רוחמה יהודית

Please click here to help A little girl

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