Project Inspire South Carolina Men’s Retreat!

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I’m totally on a high. But not that temporary I’m having an awesome blast type of happiness but a genuine feeling of inner satisfaction. Imagine feeling content, fulfilled, full of drive for life. Seriously, it’s like I’m spiritually “switched on” and motivated to grow in my Yiddishkeit and get this, I’ve helped others gain spiritually too!  

Listen, I need to first describe the almost tangible sense of community and togetherness even though all of us participants were SO different, but I can’t, I’m not a professional writer, I don’t know the right words to fully convey the atmosphere. You’d have to come and experience the overwhelming unity, the simple love for each other. Like we’re all Jewish, we’re all brothers, we’re all getting inspired at the same time….  

You should hear participants describe how Project Inspire has transformed their lives. Literally. Shabbos candles, regular Torah learning, sending kids to Jewish schools…. Do you get the raw power of Project Inspire? Even without any background in outreach, ANYONE can teach others more and change future generations!  

I’m awed at this responsibility. Like, we all interact with people less affiliated than we are so we MUST reach out. I invited my coworkers and their families for a Shabbos meal. And I’ve already persuaded my wider family to open their homes too. Do you see the simplicity and the potential LIFE-CHANGING impact of sharing the beauty of the Torah lifestyle?  

Oh, remind me to send you a recording of the lectures. Rabbi Sampson and Rabbi Sytner were so down-to-earth yet encouraging to move forward, learn more, grow more, share more with others. And imagine learning individually with a partner who’s seriously committed to learning more and implementing changes in his life, you totally get inspired to keep improving too…. 

I’m so pumped with inspiration I haven’t even mentioned the FUN, the parasailing, tennis, baseball, banana boats, chilling by the pool, I could go on and on, I’ll have to send you pictures. The view of the water from the hotel. The singing at a kumzitz, dancing after davening, drinking with the guys. Oh, and TOP-NOTCH food.  

Honestly, it’s awesome to have my spiritual batteries recharged and powered up! I can motivate myself now to learn regularly with my learning partner and reach out to any Jew, regardless of his background, to show him the beauty of our heritage. I can, you can, we ALL can reach out to someone less observant than we are. Gosh, my batteries need to last until the next Project Inspire trip… 

Listen, don’t stress about telling your wife that you’re signing up for Project Inspire’s next trip. You can even tell her about the stunning grounds, the cool activities, and the fabulous food. She can go on a women’s retreat! Stay tuned for more details about the next men’s and women’s retreats coming Winter 2022.