Their Son is Missing – and Now They Have to Celebrate His Brother’s Bar Mitzvah

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After a physically draining and emotionally exhausting half a year, the Kleinerman family, still searching for their son Moishi, will stop for a minute to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of Moishi’s only brother, Shlomi. Barring a miracle, this will not be an easy event. The Bar Mitzvah boy has already released a heartbreaking song in which he expressed his longing for his brother: “Moishi, where in the world are you?” he sang.

Understandably, the terribly anxious parents didn’t have much time and energy for planning and producing the event. And so, to bring some joy to the entire family, social activist Ariel Elharar used his Twitter account to appeal to musicians who are willing to volunteer at the Bar Miitzvah.

“Friends, we need you help”, began the appeal. “Next Thursday, September 15, Moishi’s only brother Shlomi is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah… If you know singers or musicians or people who can add to the Simcha and are willing to volunteer, please contact me”.

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Shortly after tweeting that message, broadcaster Menachem Toker called Elhadad and talked to him on air, so he could explain his request. Toker them called some singers on the spot, and they agreed to perform at the Bar Mitzvah. Among those kind volunteers: singers Moti Weiss and Yoeli Klein.

Toker also contacted Malchut Waxberger and they donated souvenirs for all the guests. “I am actually trembling”, tweeted the excited Elhadad, who added that many more eager volunteers applied to him, and donated drinks, refreshment, cholent, and other things. “Mi Keámch Yisrael!”, he concluded. “This is so thrilling”.

As generous Jews join forces to make sure Shlomi Kleinerman has a proper Bar Mitzvah despite the difficult situation, this family still needs your help. The search for Moishi continues, and your support is crucial. Please don’t forget Moishi’s parents – or his siblings, who, along with Shlomi, wants to know: Moishi, where in the world are you?

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