Bobbie’s Place: The Clothing Store Without Price Tags

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Bobbie’s Place is wear kindness lives.

Clothing gives us dignity. What we wear gives us confidence. How our children dress impacts their self-esteem.  But clothing is expensive. Especially when we have a large family of wonderful children to dress. How can we fit the clothing they need into our budget? How do we buy the clothing they need when we can’t afford it?

Enter Bobbie’s Place, the clothing store where everything is 100% free of charge! Any qualifying family can walk in, be guided by a personal shopper and walk out with shopping bags full of the clothing you need—all without paying a single penny!

The WEAR KINDNESS LIVES campaign offers you the monumental Mitzvah and in vogue opportunity to partner with Bobbie’s Place in helping to attire Klal Yisrael. Giving what you can and wear you can is the most generous fashion statement of all!

Give wear you can and donate here.