EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jake Stern Interviews HaRav Shmuel Heinemann About Recent NY Mets – Kosher Hot Dog Fight



HaRav Shmuel Heinemenn shlit”a joined Jake Stern in an exclusive interview to explain the recent lawsuit between Kosher Sports, certified by Star-K, and the New York Mets. The media reported that Kosher Sports was suing for the rights to sell on Shabbos, while the Mets claimed the contract only covered weekdays when sales were halachically permitted.

Rav Heinemenn discussed the media’s misrepresentation of the facts, explaining that there would never be any compromising of kashrus or chillul Shabbos ch”v. He explained some of the fascinating legalities involved in the case, and noted that the picture circulating of the built in kosher stand is actually a picture of the old stand from Shea Stadium, while the current stand is a portable cart.

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  1. So it appears that those who said that the matter obviously had nothing to do with opening a kosher stand on Shabbos are allowed to say “I WAS RIGHT”, and the people who issued long diatribes about how can someone kosher open on Shabbos, or questioning the integrity of frumkeit of the managers of Kosher Sports, Inc., or questioning the reliability of Star-K, including YWN which couldn’t figure out that the goyish newspaper the copied didn’t know what they were talking about “WERE BEING WRONG”

  2. When will YWN radio run a show by a true Liberal who cares about his country. Now that would be worth listening to. A little break from the Conservative echo chamber.

    Moderators Response: YWN is actively looking for such an individual. You sound perfect for the slot. Kindly contact us and we will discuss this further.

  3. 2. You are asking for the impossible!! What’s good for the country is bad for liberals and what’s bad for the country is good for liberals.