Video Of Interest: Women at the Wall – Rosh Chodesh Av 2013



  1. Reform and WOW
    The WoW are trying to provoke the Charaidim in order to get publicity. They want to use this publicity to further the agenda of the Reform movement in America. The problem with this agenda is that the Reform have permanently modified many Halachot. According to Torah/Divorim beginning chapter 4(this weeks Torah reading), it is forbidden to change any part of the Torah. The Torah can NOT be changed in Judaism. The Reform (and to a less degree Conservative) movement have tried to make major fundamental changes to our Torah.
    The Kosel is significant to Jews because it is the last standing remnant of our Holy Temple and has served our people as a super-holy place of prayer. The women claim to be liberal, worldly, open-minded and compassionate Jews. So what about the very deep emotions of a very large group of fellow Jews that are greatly hurt by their actions and desires to make the Kosel just another national landmark?
    No one wants to stop them from praying to our creator. Respect those who were there before. These women are Not Zionist! They are provocateurs looking for some type of legitimacy. Who are the real Zionists? Who prayed 3 times a day for the return to Zion? Who prayed after every meal to return to Jerusalem and Zion? These prayers were not once a month or once a week. They are continuous for close to two THOUSAND years.
    Those Jews wishing to change original Judaism, have never been around very long. Today we find the Reform movement is declining and most studies are predicting their disappearance in the not too distant future.