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    Does anybody have any ideas of how to fast well on Yom Kippur? Daven well?

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    Lots and lots of propofol.

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    ames, is that another ashkenazic anti-sfardy thing? 😉


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    lots of water

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    pookie, you’re too funny. Everyone knows you can’t have water on Yom Kippur, otherwise OF COURSE there’s no trick to fasting!

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    squeak, you got it wrong, he meant to drink it BEFORE the holiday starts

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    thanks mi keamcha yisroel

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    Dont think of food and you’re good.

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    Be Happy

    eat watermelon and grapes from a few days before. Both have high sugar and waer content

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    Last fast, someone here said to drink a LOT before. I tried it. Yesterday, I didn’t focus on eating at all. (All I ate after the seudah was a bag of chips and some crackers.) I drank a TON of water, and it worked. I don’t remember ever having so much energy on a fast day!

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    I heard to drink vitamin water the one that says restore on the bottle 2 or 3 before the fast. It really helps I’ve tried it!

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    I have had some good results by taking Imodium before the fast because it gives me a full feeling. However, you will remain “fershtupped” for a day or so afterward and I do not know if Imodium (loperamide) has any long term side effects. I actually took one this morning and it did help quite a bit – but yes I feel it now.

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    i heared that u should drink power aide but i dont know if it helps…

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    Powerade! lots & lots of it Erev Yom Kippor & day before that!

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    A certain kollel sells extended-relief Tylenol or aspirin. Or you could buy Kali Tzom -a herbal product made in Israel to prevent fasting sickness. Or, if you are cheap like me you can buy Acetaminophen suppositories (OTC) and use it on Yom Kippur if you have to.

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    mky- Eat lots of light foods before fasting i.e. Vegetable Soup with lots of Vegies. Fish is a good choice as it is a digestable protein. Almond Butter Sandwiches are good as Almonds are a Complete Protein to give one energy before fasting. Hydrate before the fast. Lemonade is a good choice, as Lemons are a natural astringent very cleansing. Water and herbal Teas are also good (not too sweet). Say Tehilim before fasting ask Hashem to help you.

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    any further thoughts?

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    i would start on hydration today and not wait until tomorrow

    it takes a while for the body to equilibrate

    thanks Mod-80 for bringing this back

    youre the best

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    pasta, rice…( I feel like I just wrote this for the tisha bav thread) A good tip- don’t overstuff yourself by the seudas hamafsekes. I found that when i went into the fast overstuffed i had a harder fast the next day.

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    mod80 do you talk to yourself often? 🙂

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    only when i can get a compliment out of it

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    Rice is very good because it is cooked in water and it absorbes it so it helps you get hydrated also.

    No junk food, no spicy foods, and try to avoid fatty food and fried things because body uses up water to digest those.

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    Any suggestions for those of us who cant go without our caffeine intake and avoid those headaches? Ive been trying to ween myself off of coffee all week I hope by the time the fast starts i’ll be good to go. Any other suggestions? Perhaps someone knows of a food loaded with slow release caffeine? Do they make caffeine patches?

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    great tips everyone. keep em comin! so far its water, water, water! i need zechuyos for this coming yom kipur so i want to say to all yidden who read this thread that i love you. i love each and everyone of my precious am yisroel. and i would like to wish you an easy meaningful fast & accepted tfilos.may hashem protect you and your family and extended family from all harm this year and always. please put a tfila in for me this yom kipur. hashem knows who i am just use my screename(for real. please.) thanks

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    Caffeine suppositories

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    smartcookie. on the small chance that you were serious i checked they dont carry them. any other suggestions? 🙂

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    they sell them

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    Try getting to bed early a good night sleep should help to some extent. See if you can get 7-8 hours.

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    Grapes, grapes and more grapes…..

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    My friends all know that I eat a lot of Drake’s cakes. A doctor friend of mine suggested that I get a “Yodel suppository” for Yom Kippur….LOL

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    Eat a big portion of Quinoa (pronounced kin-wa)

    Though you will probably find it in the isle with rice and other grains, it is technically NOT a grain. It is in the spinach family, though I personally think that what little taste it has on its own, is slightly like corn.

    It looks like parakeet seed when raw, but cooks in boiling water like rice or couscous, and fluffs up. You can add whatever spices you like to flavor it up. Personally I like to add sauteed onions.

    THE CHOCHMA OF IT IS THAT IT HAS AN E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y LOW Glycemic index, which means IT RELEASES CARBS (I.E. ENERGY) INTO YOUR SYSTEM V-E-R-Y, V-E-R-Y SLOWLY! This means it is GREAT before a fast.

    I highly recommend it!

    By the way, it can also be eaten for breakfasts as a hot cereal, with fruit and/or sweetener of your choice added.

    Very healthy, very tasty, very good before a fast or any time.

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    The Quinoa is also GREAT as a topping on salads, instead of, or in addition to, eating it as a side dish.

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    A guy was walks into a pharmacy on Erev Yom Kippur & asks for 275 Caffeine suppositories. Everyone turns around to look at him & says – why do need 275 Caffeine suppositories??? He answers, what do you mean – I’m giving a Kiddush tommorrow…..

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    There is a machlokes concerning whether one is allowed to take something to alleviate the fast the day before. While the Tzitz Eliezer allows one to take such a pill on Erev Yom Kippur, there is a view of the Chiddushei Chasam Sofer to R”H 9a and R’Zev Boskowitz of the Seder Mishna on the Rambam who say that there is a mitzvah of tosefes Yom Kippur requiring one to begin fasting early enough on Erev Yom Kippur to ensure that he will experience at least some small degree of hunger at the onset of Yom Kippur so by sunset you’re already hungry. The halacha le ma’aseh does seem to be the meikil view of the Tzitz Eliezer, who holds like Rav Zevin.

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    “they sell them”

    Where? 🙂

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    Frankly I don’t know why people are looking to make the fast easier. There is an inyan of Inuy and if the fast is hard you get schar for that and its a kaparah for you as long as you have that in mind and aren’t miserable and looking at your watch waiting for the fast to end.

    I hat to say this but if the Moslems can fast 40 days we can stop being such sissies and fast for one day without all these mishegassin!

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    WIY- its easier to completely devote your attention to Hashem if your stomache is not grumbling…

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    d a

    Tips For Fasting on Yom Kippur?

    Don’t eat.

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    Look at it this way. If your stomache grumbles you will think hey, why is it grumbling, then you will think oh because im not eating, then you will think why am I not eating, and then you will think oh because today is yom kippur and Hashem said that we should have 5 Inuyim and one of them is not to eat. I think that thought process will in itself bring you closer to Hashem.

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    “I hat to say this but if the Moslems can fast 40 days we can stop being such sissies and fast for one day without all these mishegassin!”

    please correct me if i am wrong but i think

    1- its is not 40 straight days (the body is not capable of that)- its 40 consecutive days, from sunrise to sunset. they have a big feast after

    2- they may be allowed to drink

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    You are obviously not so well informed. If you knew how sick I frequently get on fast days you would not make such a statement…

    “such sissies”.

    I get severe headaches for which I swallow vicodin w/o water. I get nauseous, weak and stomach pain. One year I had to get into bed after Mussaf and could not go back for Mincha or Ne’eilah. I was biting on my blanket to try and relieve the pressure in my head.

    Any rational person would say that if there is something that can make my fast easier, I should take it.

    Btw, I only fast on YK for this reason, as even by Tisha B’Av the Mishna Brura says that one who is a choleh (as I described above) “ein ke’dai le’hachmir”.

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    They aren’t allowed to drink but I grant you that it is easier bec its sundown to sunset but 40 days is tough. All I’m saying is its one day. Its the least we could do considering our track records for the rest of the year.


    I was referring to regular people who want to make fasting “easy” please don’t take me out of context thanks.

    Hatzlacha with your Taanis.

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    Thank you! You as well….

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    If your mouth is very dry, you can suck on a button.

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    “If your mouth is very dry, you can suck on a button.”

    Can you say “choking hazard”?

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    no more so than a hard candy or cough drop (perhaps worse than a button as if you are using a cough drop you probably have a cough, and a cough consists of a large and forced inhalation preceding the exhalatory component of the cough)

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    Mod 80-

    I misspoke yesterday- I said “be’di’eved” one can use a regular flame this year for Havdalah as it is also Motza’ei Shabbos. In actuality, the Mishna Brura says one can use it le’chatchilah, however “v’nahagu ha’olam le’hachmir” …to use a ner shashavas even this year.

    G’mar chasima tova to you and your family. I ask mechilah for anything I wrote that was out of line…..

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    Can you say “choking hazard”?

    Can you say “adult”?

    g’mar chasima tova.

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    G’mar chasima tova to you and your family. I ask mechilah for anything I wrote that was out of line…..

    G’mar chasima tova to you and your family.

    mechila isnt necessary, but moichul lach

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    Caffeine/ Tylenol suppositories are available at 16th Avenue Pharmacy. They are $5 and last all day. As far as the Halachic permissibility- I never knew they existed till my Rav told me about them!

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    YW Moderator-42


    Yom Kippur: Tips for Easier Fasting

    As Jewish people around the world prepare for Yom Kippur, Arutz Sheva brings you some tips on how to prepare for the 25-hour fast.

    As Jewish people in Israel and around the world are preparing for Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, Arutz Sheva brings you some tips on how to prepare for the 25-hour fast, which begins at sundown on Tuesday evening and ends on Wednesday evening:

    1. It is recommended to drink at least two liters of water a day (10 cups) on the days before the fast

    2. Eat whole grains before the fast, as whole grains provide us with more energy over longer periods of time.

    3. Avoid sugar and fruits. Sugar highs and lows can cause headaches and the body also requires extra fluid to remove the sugar from the system.

    4. Eat a lot of vegetables. Vegetables are a great source of both energy and fluid.

    5. Those who drink significant amounts of beverages containing caffeine daily (coffee, non-herb teas, colas) are advised to reduce the amount gradually, starting several days before the fast to prevent caffeine addiction symptoms which can include headaches and nausea.

    6. The last meal before the fast, known as the seudah hamafseket, should not include unfamiliar, spicy, or fried foods, and should omit vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli.

    7. After the fast, those who have abstained from drinking and eating are advised to rehydrate slowly, with a sweet drink, and begin eating with a snack, followed approximately one hour later by a light meal.

    8. Foods like bagels, lox, and cream cheese are standard for the meal which breaks the fast, but it is recommended to try instead to open the meal with a light vegetable soup.

    A great soup to eat after fasting is miso soup. This is not only because Japanese tradition holds that miso promotes long life and good health, but also because miso is a live food that contains lactobacillus, (the same as in yogurt) which helps in the digestion and assimilation of food.

    Another bonus to eating miso soup after the fast is that on the purely practical level, it is quick. Prepare the vegetables before the fast and then just add the boiling water and miso after the fast is over. The soup requires only two minutes of cooking time so it will be ready to serve by the time the men come home from shul.

    Note: The soup calls for kombu. Kombu is a seaweed, that like all seaweeds, is high in vitamins and minerals. Kombu is not an essential ingredient and the soup is tasty (some might say even more so) without it. Look for miso and kombube either in health food stores or in the health food sections of your local market.


    1. 1 tsp sesame oil

    2. 1 carrot, diced

    3. 1 leek, diced

    4. 1 cup mung bean sprouts

    5. 1 small piece of kombu (optional)

    6. 4 cups water or dashi (Japanese soup stock)

    7. 2-3 tbsp miso paste

    8. 2 scallions, sliced on angle, for garnish

    9. soy sauce, to taste

    10. Saute the vegetable, add the water/stock and bring to a boil. Simmer for two minutes. Remove from the flame, cream the miso in a little bit of the broth and return to the soup. Use the soy sauce to adjust the flavor, garnish with scallions and serve. Serves 4-6

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    I missed this for Yom Kippur. Should I fast again with all of these chumras as “tashlumin”, to make up for it?

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    Miso soup is nasty at least the one I had from a restaurant that shall remain unnamed.

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    Mod 42 -Miso soup is just soybean soup which usually tastes horrible. You could break the fast with sports drinks (eg. Gatorade) or Pedialyte. Both can rehydrate you.

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    Yom kippur was a while ago. Bring this up next fast!!!!!!!!!!

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