TRAGEDY IN WILLIAMSBURG: Expecting Parents Both Killed In Car Crash En Route To Hospital, But The Baby Survives



According to the first reports from the fatal crash scene, a Williamsburg couple traveling to the hospital to have their first child was killed when the taxi they were in was involved in an accident on Kent Avenue in Brooklyn. The accident occurred at about 00:30am Sunday morning 21 Adar 5773

Williamsburg residents Nosson and Raizy Glauber z”l, both 21, were killed in the fatal incident. Raizy was hurled from the vehicle and her lifeless body was found nearby, while Nosson was still alive, but in grave condition, dying a short time after.

The couple was heading to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. Earlier reports stated doctors were fighting to save the life of the baby.


A young Jewish Orthodox couple en route to a hospital to have their first child were killed in a car crash early Sunday, but their child survived.

Nathan and Raizy Glauber, both 21, were using a car service to go to the hospital when another vehicle crashed into the side of theirs at an intersection in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, said Hasidic community activist Isaac Abraham. Nathan Glauber was pronounced dead at Beth Israel Hospital, while his wife died at Bellevue, police said.

The couple’s son was delivered at the scene and was taken to a hospital in serious condition, said Abraham, who is also a neighbor of Raizy Glauber’s parents and lives two blocks from the scene of the crash.

The driver of the vehicle that hit the couple’s car fled, police said. No arrests have yet been made.

The condition of the car service’s driver is unclear, police said.

Abraham called the couple’s death “a tragedy beyond (belief) just coming off a joyous holiday as Purim” as they were getting ready to welcome their first child.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / AP)


    Very sad night/weekend. 4 heimishe fatalities… Glauber couple tonite in willi, 14 yr old boy hirsch in monroe Friday & 19 yr old landau in bklyn thursday

    A hit-and-run BMW driver early Sunday killed a young Brooklyn couple on their way to a hospital to have their first child – but rescue workers were able to save the baby.

    Nachman and Raizel Glauber, both 21, were riding in the back of a black 2008 Toyota Camry livery cab heading west on Wilson St. when a grey 2010 BMW sedan speeding north on Kent Ave. slammed into their cab at the Williamsburg intersection about 12:30 a.m., cops said

    The expectant couple were rushing to a local hospital when the horrific crash happened, relatives said.

    A man looks under a truck at the mangled car that the Glaubers were riding in.

    The impact sent the livery cab spinning onto the median and ejected pregnant Raizel Glauber into the street, her body coming to rest under a parked tractor trailer.


    First responders had to cut the roof off the Toyota Camry to extricate Nachman Glauber and the livery driver.

    The driver of the BMW reportedly ran from the scene on foot.

    Raizel Glauber was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, where she died.

    Miraculously, emergency medical technicians from the private Hatzolah ambulance service managed to deliver the baby boy before they reached the hospital.

    The child is in stable condition in the ICU at Bellevue Hospital and and expected to live.

    The wreckage left from the crash that killed Nathan and Raizy Glauber early Sunday morning.


    Nachman Glauber was taken to Beth Israel hospital, where he died. The livery cab driver was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he is in stable condition.

    The driver of the BMW, along with a passenger, abandoned their car and fled on foot, police said. They have not been found.

    “The family is very upset – they are in shock,” said Aaron Berger, 23, a relative of the dead couple. “I have so many messages right now.”

    The happy couple were married just last year, Berger said.

  3. Baruch Dayan Emes.

    Does anyone know the mother’s full name for Tihilim for the baby?

    Is it Tinok ben Raizil, or Tinok ben Raizil & a 2nd name?

  4. The Chofetz Chaim (Chofetz Chaim Al Hatorah pages 322-324) said that many of the Tzarus which happened in his days were due to wide-spread laxity regarding Hilchos Tznius.

  5. Mrs. Glauber was reportedly nearing the end of her second trimester and the couple was on their way to nearby Long Island College Hospital at the time of the accident. The four pound baby is said to be in serious condition and the public is asked to daven for Tinok ben Raizel.

  6. The chofetz chaim says that and many other meforshim say other things. The bottom line is that every human being deep down in his/her heart know the truth. he knows he sore points. He knows what he needs to repair and correct. No two people are the same, therefor no two peoples needs, actions and reactions will be the same. There are many issues plagueing our community right now. Wether it’s normal chareidi women walking around the streets with skirts that are clearly showing their knees. Or if it’s yerusha machlokes, or stam motsi shem ra between peope, specifically with the ever multiplying amount of divorcees the communities are seeing. People want to protect themselves so they spread all kinds of lashon horah, or if it’s dishonesty with money…… and so many more. We have to go to sleep, close our eyes and think honestly. Only when we begin to be honest withourselves will we be able to target our weaknesses and until then we endanger not only our lives but the lives of others. This story is on every single newssite. It’s amazing to see how even non jews are so complimentary on the beauty yet tznius of this kallah. And the fine tzura of the father; they’re not making light of his shtreimel but they’re intrigued and inspired. Because they look modest yet beautiful. This story should be a wakeup call for everyone. May we be zoche to see and hear only simchos and greet moshiach bekaov!!!!

  7. To Gefilta Fish:

    The name of the baby’s mother Z”L was Raizy, which is short for Raizil. The baby has no Jewish name yet, so we call him Tinok (baby).

    I wanted to know if the mother had a 2nd Jewish name, Raizil Something, or Something Raizil (some people use only their 1st or 2nd name in everyday conversation)

    or is it just Raizil,

    to pray & say Tihilim for the baby’s survival,
    using his correct Jewish name –

    either Tinok ben Raizil, or Tinok ben Raizil Something,
    or Tinok ben Something Raizil.

  8. “Chesssed says: The Chofetz Chaim (Chofetz Chaim Al Hatorah pages 322-324) said that many of the Tzarus which happened in his days were due to wide-spread laxity regarding Hilchos Tznius.”

    Funny you should mention the CC. The CC main goal in life was to combat LH & Sinas Chinum. I haven’t seen one Asifa regarding this. Many Rabbonim are always screaming about Tzinus. But I’ve seen LH & Sinas Chinum getting worse by the day. These were our Korbonos for our Aveiros!

  9. There is more Torah today be it in the US and in Israel than every before. We have more shiurim on Loshon Horo than every before. RS”O we are not that smart…. help us to understand WHY!?!

  10. To question for you: I wasn’t questioning what you had written, I was asking the same question as you were, we must have posted at the same time.

  11. To Mister Ploni: We don’t ask to understand, because there are things which we can’t understand while we are still in this world. G-d forbid, we don’t want Him to summon us to the Next World to explain this to us. It just needs to be this way.

    In addition, while there is an abundance of Torah study today (more in quantity less quality than previous generations) there are multitudes of those being assimilated, more than ever. We need to pray for our lost brethren.