Rav Amnon Yitzhak Running for Knesset

(Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 02:39 PM)

Yet another surprise was announced in Israel today, Tuesday 13 Kislev 5773 when Rav Amnon Yitzchak told participants in a shiur “it’s official”, explaining he is running for Knesset. The rav explained that over the years, he has been asked on numerous occasions why he does not enter Knesset and he has decided to launch a party and do just that, confident he will be in the double digits following the election.

“I will return the government to the people” he explains, adding that to implement change, one must be part of the game and in this case, in Knesset. He promises to continue as he has for the past 35 years, doing his utmost for Am Yisrael, to give without asking anything in return, to distance people from an incorrect path, to act as a true shaliach of the people.

The rav adds that he has proven himself for over three decades and as such, he is confident the tzibur knows who he really is and will chose him to represent their interests in Knesset.

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  1. ysgib says:

    Here’s a question: Which number is the highest?
    (a) # of Chassidic Rebbes
    (b) # of Israeli political parties
    (c) # of Jews

  2. mayerfreund says:

    who is next? maybe a rosh yeshiva or a chasidic rabbi from the Ashkenazim?

  3. vadim says:

    To get timelly information about the campaign, you can download his smartphone app – it’s available on iPhone and Android. Those with a kosher phone are advised to check the website.

  4. kingdavid says:

    Wow! maybe he’ll become the Prime Minister one day

  5. Joe Yeshivish says:

    I wish him Hatzlacha. How will his Party differ from Shas?

  6. michali says:

    C”V. He should stay out of politics. He is very one-sided and I do not believe he will be a candidate to help all Klal Yisroel (frum or not frum).

  7. torahyid says:

    It will be called The Shofer Party I am sure.CHAZAK

  8. WIY says:

    This is getting interesting. I wish him Hatzlacha.

  9. Beezrat Hashem says:

    To comment #1. It wasn’t necessary. Your humorous remark!
    Behatzlacha. יגדיל תורה ויאדיר.
    That’s what the Jewish people need!
    A string hand in representing the Torah way, with no compromise to the erev Rav government. I would of voted for him, if I were in Israel.

  10. Ido says:

    Does he have backing from the gedolim??

  11. Git Meshige says:

    #1, C is the answer

  12. zionflag says:

    “to give without asking anything in return, to distance people from an incorrect path, to act as a true shaliach of the people”.

    You mean he WON’T be taking a salary?

  13. Beezrat Hashem says:

    It’s not called shofar. It’s called מפלגה הכח להשפיע! )(
    The power to influence.

  14. Moose613 says:

    #1, they are equal

  15. yes-its-me says:

    What’s the name of the iPod app

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