GOP Primary Becomes Horse Race Between Lhota and Catsimatidis

(Wednesday, August 14th, 2013)

calhGone unnoticed in Tuesday’s Quinnipiac poll of likely voters was the race for mayor on the Republican side. Former deputy mayor and former MTA chairman, Joe Lhota is still the favorite to win the GOP primaries with 43 percent of likely primary voters. Yet, his lead over his main rival, Billionaire John Catsimatidis shrank to 6 points, well within the margin of error which is at 9.4%, according to the Quinnipiac poll released today.

While John Catsimatidis has increased his support by 2 points to 37 percent, compared to 35 in July, Mr. Lhota’s support dropped from 49 percent in July to 43%. George McDonald is in third place with 9%.

“Today’s Quinnipiac Poll makes one thing crystal clear; Joe Lhota is slipping in the polls and the Republican Primary has become a horse race,” Mr. Catsimatidis’s spokesperson wrote in a statement. “John Catsimatidis’ message of supporting the NYPD, fighting for good schools and standing up for small business and New York’s beleaguered middle class is resonating with the voters in all five boroughs. New Yorkers realize he has the vision and leadership skills this city needs and though he’s tough, he also has a heart. John Catsimatidis will be the Republican nominee for Mayor.”

The Lhota campaign declined to comment.

(Jacob Kornbluh- YWN)


  1. Bogen says:

    Lhota is running on the Conservative Party line while Catsimatidis is running on the Liberal Party line.

  2. Dave Hirsch says:

    Will John Catsimatidis take credit for the decline of NYC under tax-and-spend liberals who wish to turn NYC into another Detroit?

    Joe Lhota would have been elected to City Hall if Catsimatidis, a Democratic plant, would not use his wealth to distract Lhota’s focus in the mayoral race. I hope the GOP voters are not stupid enough to fall for some literature with Catsimatidis standing next to police officers.

  3. neillevine3 says:

    What about breathing apparatus and hazmat suits at ground zero? What about clean air and clean energy?

  4. [...] race is still largely up in the air. A Quinnipiac poll released on August 14 found Lhota leading Catsimatidis by six points, a significant gain for [...]

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