Kalmanovich Remains Silent on Jerusalem Mayoral Candidate


bennIs it a lack of support for Nir Barkat or perhaps an attempt to attract voters from all walks of life? Dov Kalmanovich, who heads the Bayit Yehudi Jerusalem list, refused to endorse any of the candidates for mayor in an interview with Srugim. While Bayit Yehudi leader Minister Naftali Bennett has openly expressed his party’s support for Nir Barkat’s bid for reelection, the party leader on the local level appears unwilling to follow suit.

Kalmanovich explains “voters are intelligent and they will make the correct choice. They do not require my assistance,” adding after he and his colleagues are elected and seated around the city council table, the city will have responsible leadership that will seek to advance the agenda of the dati leumi community as well as others. He feels that tzibur is divided and he and his team will unite the community.

Kalmanovich views education as a key component in the election and the need to bring the Bayit Yehudi list onboard. He explains that party leader Naftali Bennett remains keenly aware of the significance of Yerushalayim to Am Yisrael, and this is why he is also the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs.

He boasts being a seventh generation Yerushalmi, one who has Jerusalem in his bloodstream, committed to serving and uniting the different communities who all view Jerusalem as home.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)