Photo Essay: Kosherfest 2014 At The Meadowlands Expo Center – Photos By Hillel And Yitzy Engel


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  1. I am very troubled by the fact that ultra Orthodox Jews are very particular about mechitzahs at weddings and at any public event, yet at an event like Kosherfest, it is ok to mingle

  2. While you the idea is very noble in principle, you can’t segragate business. Imagine what the world would be like. This is a trade show not a celebration.

  3. Number 1, has a point. There is an element of hypocricy involved here. Some of the people freely mingling in the crowd here, would call your yichus into question for so much as trying to look get within 50 feet of the ezras nashim on shabbos morning.

  4. So theres an element of hypocracy. Nothing can be done about it. It’s for business and networking. If your going to eat and party your missing the purpose.

  5. for you number 1 git mishege , and you number 8 pushite yid , both of you cannot go to any mixed affair , but all the rest of us can go , bacause we’re normal