‘Yaldei Teiman’ Back In The News – PM Orders A Probe


1The missing children from the major aliyah from Yemen known as ‘Yaldei Teiman’ is back in the news as it resurfaces every number of years. To date there have been state commissions, which most feel have done nothing but continue to cover up the abduction of hundreds or thousands of children from large families arriving from Yemen. A recent poll shows 60% of Israelis believe the children were abducted as alleged throughout the years.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this week vowed to uncover the truth once and for all, appointing Minister Tzachi Hanegbi to head the probe.

Kol Chai Radio on Wednesday morning 16 Sivan aided an interview with the late Menachem Porush from 1997 during which he explained he was aware of what occurred, stating it was done “behind the back of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion”. R’ Porush explains he had a meeting with Ben-Gurion about it and the latter could not believe what he was telling him, asking how this could occur. Porush added he knows some of the people who were involved but is afraid to speak out. One of the names of those still alive who is believed to have been involved is former President Shimon Peres, and while his name has surfaced in the media again, there has been no proof to date. Porush in the interview adds he believed the children were taken to save them from a live of poverty and starvation. Porush accused the leftists of stealing the children.

Today, there is a mounting call for the publication of all the documents since the findings of most of the probes to date have remained classified. Hanegbi is to review the documents and make a decision. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has offered her office’s assistance. Opposition leader MK Yitzchak Herzog is calling for total transparency and the revelation of the classified documents.

An estimated 1,500 to 5,000 children from mostly Yemenite and some Sephardi immigrants went missing between 1948 and 1954. In some cases, parents were told their children died in a hospital. According to Shas MK Yitzchak Cohen, these children were given to Ashkenazi families. HaGaon HaRav Korach of Bnei Brak, viewed as a leading Yemenite rav in Eretz Yisrael today insists the children, including relatives of his, were given to left-wing kibbutzim where they were turned into goyim. He explains he has documents proving the abductions “but no one in Israel is interested in hearing. How can we fight a state with an army and tanks? However, just like the sale of Yosef HaTzaddik, the truth will emerge one day and those responsible will have to give a din v’cheshbon”.

Rav Korach spoke of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam z”l, who paid with his health and life over his battle for the truth, lamenting he has been fighting to reveal the truth his entire life. When asked if he and others would have come knowing what would happen to the children, he responded everyone would have remained in Yemen rather than assimilate in Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Can someone please explain this to me?
    Don’t Teimanim have distinct physical features, dark skinned etc.?
    Wouldn’t it be simple to discover if there are people who fit into the appropriate age group that the allegedly abducted children would be today, that were raised in Ashkenazi families or on Kibbutzim as alleged?

  2. Same same. What do they want more money from the state?. Do they expect people to really believe them that there are really dark skinned 1500-5000 Ashkenazim who don’t know what happened to them or they are quiet about it.

  3. Akiva has a point. You would expect that many of these abductees would seek to discover their roots when they reached adulthood. So where are they?

    On the other hand, the fact that pertinent records were classified strongly suggests a cover-up. Also, these allegations, including eye-witness accounts, have been widespread in Israel since the early years of the state.

  4. Akiva..not all Teimanim are dark not at all some with blue or green eyes little brown or blond hair…usually Teimamim from a place in yemen called Adan were light skin. My mothers side of the family are Teimanim and they are light skin. And the age range between 70 and 50. I know a few people that it did happen to, a lot of them were naive and couldn’t believe that another yid would lie or do such a thing. I know a few people it happened to one of them is my grandmother B”H she got her baby my aunt back because she did not believe the baby died and wanted to see the body and screamed a while in the hospital until a dr who came in helped her. The people who did this did a few different things to this babies. And some of this babies who are today adluts did find there parent as they knew they were adopted (adoption = money) and DNA test prove it was there parents

  5. It’s a sad reality, but I think that the ‘
    ” on ” yidden who did this are not true yidden and if you trace back something not kosher with there roots.. since a yid has rachmanos

  6. Questionable I’m sorry to say it not all about money always. its about knowing the truth and who says they all went to jewish familys and steadied in Israel. Whom of them who became adults are from other countries around the world. and like I said before, not all are dark features with dark curly hair and dark eyes. Alot when they became older did find their real parents. And unfortunately a lot of them were tested on and died from it. Before mocking and thinking it’s all about the money research the topic