IDF Chief Of Personnel: We Don’t Need Women In Combat Roles


Last week, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eizenkott commented that he does not expect to see female combatants at the front line of combat in his career, and his comments are joined by another senior commander who confirms the women combatants are not essential to the IDF.

The IDF’s Chief of Personnel, Major-General Moti Almoz on Monday, 28 Shevat, told a conference that he doesn’t need women at the front lines, but he does need them elsewhere. He explained for the nation’s military it is about “operational needs” and that it is not a human resource company and not about teaching equality. However, he does feel there are places where it is appropriate to place women and it is not for the IDF while some positions are not suited.

He added there is no one counting the number of kippot, but what is important is to keep heads covered with helmets. He disagrees with those who say morale is low, citing it is quite high in fact as the nation’s young remain motivated.

He feels there is absolutely no place for politics in the military, taking a blow at the military rabbinate, explaining there were redundancies and they were dealt with, with the IDF Education Branch in charges of education, citing actions taken however were not against the IDF Rabbinate, but more a move to remove the redundancies which existed and to permit the Education Corps to teach and the IDF Rabbinate to do what it is responsible for.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What a bunch of baloney! Eisenkot has been “integrating” men and women together in fighting units and trying to throw out any Torah influence in the IDF !

  2. The National Religious Rabbis have threaten to boycott the army if they kept up their insane, feminist agenda. Seems that now they are singing a different tune. He said: …women combatants are not essential to the IDF.” The reality is that women are not essential to the IDF. There is absolutely not military reason to draft women. The only other country in the world that forces women into the army is North Korea. Are there jobs that women are better suited to do than men? Yes but they do not have to be done by women forced into the army. There will enough women who voluntarily join and if there is a short fall, it can be made up with paid, civilians.

    The forcing of women into the army has never been for military reasons. It has always been to promote a political and cultural agenda. I hope that today most people have come to understand this.