VIDEO: MK Rotem Calls Chareidim Parasites On TV



MK (Yisrael Beitenu) David Rotem took part in a panel discussion on the Knesset TV station addressing the drafting of chareidim under a new law which is being formulated. Rotem was opposed by Yated Ne’eman correspondent Benny Rabinowitz.

Rotem, a shomer shabbat Jew announced “It is preferable to have goyim that fight on behalf of the state and are willing to die than to have parasites that remain unwilling to contribute to the state.

He also confirmed there is a possibility of his party breaking from the coalition government over the draft issue. “I don’t want to leave the coalition to permit Kadima to grab our portfolios. I will wait until the chareidim leave the coalition, then Kadima and only then, maybe I will”.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Their arguement is always that the haredim contibute nothing to the state.
    This old attack is rooted in their own guilt for not contributing themselves. For being wimps and not fighting, and for totally screwing things up.

  2. totally understand where he’s coming from – many people feel the same towards welfare recipients here in america – even guys that do not join the work force l’chatchila relying on food stamps and wic or whatever

  3. Actually, that’s very similar to how the Germans in Austro-Hungary felt towards the Slavs. In many way Austro-Hungary is a good role model for Israel into terms of social, economic, and military cohesion (“good role model” is from a Palestinian perspective).

  4. Im sure there are a nice percentage of frum people who can be considered parasites because they dont learn or work or contribute in any way and yet still take from the government. If you dont take from the govt thats a different story.