WATCH THIS: Jewish Music Video Made On Busy Flatbush Street


In what appears to be part of an upcoming Beri Weber music video, a group of people sitting on a plank of wood are being dragged by an SUV along busy Avenue M in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. At one point, the vehicle starts driving and Beri Weber nearly falls off the moving contraption. Buses packed with non-Jews stare at the group in disbelief as they sing “Ad Delo Yoda” while dressed in Purim costumes, with a table full of wine bottles in their mock-Purim-Seuda. Perhaps next time they should do this on a street in Uman, and not in Flatbush.


  1. Terrible Chilul Hashem, Not sure why the Yeshiva World News would even give these guys ANY attention. It’s not to have Purim spirit, but NOT in the streets where there are rules and others who are affected by this! Dance at home, in Yeshiva or in Shul. What about the scratches on the street caused by this ridiculous board. They should all be ticketed, pay a fine or do some community service. They obviously have the time anyway. UNREAL