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It’s funny, but all my years as a student, and as a mother, seeing my children’s (boys and girls) projects, only FOUR mitzvos were emphasized, and if you didn’t do these four mitzvos, you weren’t yotzei. Drinking was presented as an important part of the day, for men.

No sarcasm here, but:

– is drinking the fifth mitzvah? How should it be classified?

– I’ll have my husband check out Orach Chaim for me, but again, when in history have women drunk on Purim? Where can I find out more? Now let’s leave aside that we have had large periods of time of crushing poverty where there might not have been mashke for the men, let alone the women, but how was this carried out?

– when and how should drinking be presented as a chinuch issue?

I saw last week’s Mishpacha, apparently there was an article on women, Purim and halacha. Anyone read it? Not in my budget but I’m curious as all get out.