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“oomis: im simply going there to see if anyone i know is making a simcha. thats it. i dont feel the need to see their pics of it and while there i dont need to see some engaged couple hugging. there is something called Shomer Aiynayim. why dont the yeshivish papers have any women in it? bec. people dont want to see it and are makpid on shomer aiynayim. Regarding the JP, personally I have no problem with Reb Jungreis’s pic but some of the sheitil ads and others are not appropriate which is why you will not really find it in the yeshivish and chasidish homes while hamodia and mishpacha is generally found in these homes. there is no point going back and force. i agree with hamodia and mishpacha and yated and the such for no pics of women at all because its just easier than to say yes to reb. jungreis and no to sheital ads. you apparently draw the line somewhere else. “

Flatbush27, I DO get where you are coming from. If you re-read what you posted, you basically said NO paper should print pictures of any women in them. That is unrealistic, considering that more than 50% of the world is comprised of women. However, I do understand your feelings on this issue and why this is so important to you. You have been brought up with a different mindset from mine, and while I totally agree with you on the shemiras ainayim idea, I think most grownups can handle the sight of a woman in a newspaper. If not, they should not read that particular paper, because it will probably be problematic for them. I applaud your integrity.