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The Queen

Bored: “Although supporting your husband in kollel should not be viewed as a curse, if you you do view it that way obviously it is not for you)”

Hashem said that parnossah is a curse. Not I. I don’t see how the “curse” is lifted because it enables your spouse to learn. The work is a curse.

I think it is a zchus to work so your husband can learn, as long as it isn’t interfering with the well being of the wife and/or children.

When I had my second baby I said to my husband, I was happy to take upon myself the curse of Adam until now, now I feel swamped with the curse of Chava b”H, and I don’t feel physically or emotionally able to juggle both. And I absolutely refuse to have my kinderlach raised by a babysitter. (I was taking baby #1 with me to work, which couldn’t work with 2 babies).

And so, my dear husband had to leave his beloved (to both of us) kollel and go to work to support his family. Which is as it should be. And it didn’t stop him from finishing shas.