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☕ DaasYochid ☕

I don’t propose to speak on his behalf as to why this issue is more upsetting to him than others. Perhaps, if a patient’s parent, as part of a growing movement among the impressionable masses, would seriously insist that, contrary to the position of the vast overwhelming majority of physicians, car seats do more harm than good, he would be equally agitated.

Perhaps not, for the simple reason that the negligence to properly secure one’s own child in no way endangers those of others. In either case, it certainly seems to be neglectful of the child’s well-being.

I can assure you that it is not his arrogance which causes him to get upset (he does not “hyperventilate”, and his blood does not “boil”), as you seem to believe. Anyone who knows Dr. Shanik can attest to this.


Especially the part about my kid eating a candy bar not killing your kid, and the part that even the minority of doctors who don’t have huge egos are also upset at the anti-vaxxers.