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Avram in MD


What a poor comparison. If the anti-vaxxers had their way, we’d have massive outbreaks of horrible diseases. It’s no wonder he gets visibly upset.

Thanks for the hyperventilation demonstration 🙂

Yes, there are off-the-wall knee-jerk “anti-vaxxers” who cannot distinguish between small and tiny probabilities (e.g., panicking over tiny risks in vaccines while poo-pooing orders of magnitude higher fatality rates in diseases), or who hold by pharmaceutical conspiracy theories, etc. I imagine that those types existed long before the infamous debunked autism study, and they will continue to exist, just like there will always be some people who refuse to evacuate the coast before a major hurricane.

I really think, however, that a large part of what we are dealing with in the recent increase of unvaccinated children is in big part due to a breakdown in doctor patient trust and communication.