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Avram in MD


Especially the part about my kid eating a candy bar not killing your kid,

Your kid is much more likely to squash my kid at the bottom of the slide than my kid is to give yours polio. Or even the unvaccinated kids down the street.

Seriously though, you can do a blood test to check for antibodies if you’re really concerned that your kids don’t have immunity to something.

and the part that even the minority of doctors who don’t have huge egos are also upset at the anti-vaxxers.

I don’t believe I have ever asserted that a majority of doctors are bad apples. That said, the ones I have met who don’t have huge egos patiently and tirelessly explain the benefits of vaccines, actually take a minute or two to sympathize and address the parents’ fears, and are flexible to scheduling vaccines as parents feel comfortable, even recommending which ones they feel are more important and should be done asap.