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I have no patience to read through all of these, so if I am repetitive, please be moichel me. If I am exposed to a child who had chicken pox, I can get shingles from him. I might get it anyway, having unfortunately HAD chicken pox as a child. Anything we can do to prevent a potential outbreak of diseases that were all but eradicated, should be done. The childhood diseases many of us had, had serious life-threatening effects on many children. Think about the Rubella babies whose moms contracted the disease while pregnant. No one has to get sick with these not so benign illnesses anymore, but for some ill-informed anti-vaxxers, who have single-handedly brought these plagues back, by believing their kids are more important than everyone else’s. BTW, if a newborn baby is exposed to a sibling who has the disease, if can have catastrophic ramifications, particularly if the mom never herself had the disease and was not vaccinated, as babies may get a limited amount of temporary immunities from their mom in utero, but it is of short duration. If she never had the illness, she has no such resistance to it to pass to her fetus.