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Avram in MD


Like I a fool, I looked at the site.

You obviously did not look at it very closely.

You obviously misunderstood what they’re saying!


The whole reason why you give boosters is because immunity wanes! You just don’t have to start all over again because you still have some immunity left.

I gave Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b – row 4 of the table) as an example. Look at the fourth row of the table. The table displays the minimum age for dosing (column 2), and then the minimum spacing between doses (rest of the columns, depending on how many doses of each vaccine are given). If you look at row 4, column 3, it clearly states that if the first dose of the Hib vaccine is given after the baby is 15 months old, no further doses are needed. If the first dose was given between 12 and 14 months, you wait 8 weeks and then only one more dose is needed. If you go by the CDC schedule, the baby gets 4 Hib shots (3 before the first birthday, and then a final one after a year). So delaying Hib does result in fewer boosters.

Btw, how did you become such a know-it-all?!?

This is not rocket science.