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Lilmod Ulelamaid

“But- the fact that it is dangerous does not NECESSARILY render it a clear-cut Issur D’oraissa.”

You’re arguing with most Poskim that say if you’re addicted to smoking it’s an Issur D’oraissa!

You really need to work on your logic skills. My sentence and your sentence have absolutely no connection. I wrote nothing whatsoever about whether or not someone who is addicted to smoking is committing an Issur D’Oraissa.

1. I didn’t say anything about someone who is ADDICTED to smoking.

2. I was not discussing whether or not is an Issur D’Oraisah. All I said was that the we can’t assume it’s an Issur D’Oraissah just because it’s dangerous. If it is an Issur D’Oraissah, this is so because the poskim poskened that it is (if they in fact did so) and not because I decided that anything that is dangerous is an issur d’oraissah.