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I just wanted to add it would be much better if change came from within Charedi society. It seems that any critism is seen as being anti-Charedi instead of perhaps being constructive.

It is a shame people think any critism is a black mark on Charedi society.I do not think any less of charedim because there are R’Y who might be great talmid Chacham, are not really able to be teachers.

This thread has being going on for a year and it seems from an outsider that things did get somewhat worse over the year (Sometimes on a daily basis its harder to see change) . It would benefit charedi society much better if you would expose the flaws in the system so that others do not go through what you went through and try to make things better.

It would be much better for Charedi Society and yourself if people like yourself would gather together and try to make things better. It might hurt at first, Sort of like Chemo therapy which hurts at first but in the end you will get better